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Ogre Ops

Welcome to the official webpage for Ogre Ops, a turn-based tactical strategy game that is a comprehensive adaptation of Steve Jackson Games' Ogre series. It can be downloaded here:

Ogre Ops (2014-2016) Zip File Download (347 KB)

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64-Bit PC Compatibility

This game can be run via 32-bit PC emulation software, such as DOSBox or Magic DOSBox, using an emulation speed of about 80,000 cycles per second. Note that the sound may not work.

If you aren't familiar with using DOS, here is a little help. First, download these customized DOSBox files by clicking here. Next, unzip these files and place all of them in the folder that contains the OgreOps folder.

For Windows 7 or higher, you may also want to put a copy of the DOSBox configuration file in this following folder: C:\Users\[your-user-name]\AppData\Local\DOSBox.

When everything is ready, run DOSBox. Enter the command "cd OgreOps" to go into the OgreOps folder, and then enter the command "ogreops.exe" to launch the game.

What's Going On, and How to Play

Ogres are gigantic killer robot tanks that drive through other tanks like tissue paper, all the while machinegun-firing nuclear cannons that have infinite ammo.

Your job is to command your Ogres and other Units to stop the opposing forces, who may have big bad Ogres of their own.

More types of Units will become available as the Story Scenarios are cleared.

Game Features

- Turn-based tactical strategy gameplay based on the Ogre series!

- Support for up to 3 Players (Story Mode) or 4 Players (Free Mode)!

- Over forty types of Units!

- Custom hex boards!

- Hidden bonuses!

- Customizable keyboard and mouse controls!

Game Screenshots

That single Ogre will probably mow down all of these conventional Units.

GEVs are the fastest, but Wood, Rubble, and Swamp Hexes can severely hinder their movement.

The Lost Heroes are available as a Unit in the Story Scenarios!

Secrets are hidden throughout the game. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

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