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Lost Heroes

Welcome to the official webpage for Lost Heroes, an action shooter that features a crossover of characters from various other videogames. It can be downloaded here:

Lost Heroes (2012-2016) Zip File Download (1.26 MB)

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64-Bit PC Compatibility

This game can be run via 32-bit PC emulation software, such as DOSBox or Magic DOSBox, using an emulation speed of about 80,000 cycles per second. Note that the sound may not work.

If you aren't familiar with using DOS, here is a little help. First, download these customized DOSBox files by clicking here. Next, unzip these files and place all of them in the folder that contains the LostHero folder.

For Windows 7 or higher, you may also want to put a copy of the DOSBox configuration file in this following folder: C:\Users\[your-user-name]\AppData\Local\DOSBox.

When everything is ready, run DOSBox. Enter the command "cd LostHero" to go into the LostHero folder, and then enter the command "losthero.exe" to launch the game.

What's Going On, and How to Play

The heroes have been transported to a strange and magical realm, and their goal is to team up together and defeat the enemy monsters.

At the base camp, go right and reach the road gates to enter the other areas.

More playable characters will be found as the areas are cleared.

You can freely switch among all the heroes in the team via the Subscreen. If one hero runs out of lives, just change to another and continue the adventure!

Game Features

- Side-scrolling action shooter gameplay!

- Simultaneous support for up to 4 Players!

- Over twenty playable characters!

- Heavily-armed vehicles!

- Optional hero upgrades and hidden bonuses!

- Customizable keyboard controls!

Game Screenshots

At the base camp, the heroes can acquire upgrades and prepare for their next plan of action.

To enter vehicles like this tank, hold Up and press Jump.

Bring along some friends for more fun.

Nothing screams rugged manliness like shutting up and jumping into a hot pink hovercraft.


Secrets are hidden throughout the game. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

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