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Sisters' Promise

Welcome to the official webpage for Sisters' Promise, an action game that features sorosapphic themes. It can be downloaded here:

Sisters' Promise (2013-2016) Zip File Download (1.63 MB)

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What's Going On, and How to Play

The heroines have to make their way into a fortress and defeat the enemy queen.

Fight off the guards, avoid the traps, and reach the exit gates to proceed.

Game Features

- Side-scrolling action gameplay!

- Simultaneous support for 2 Players!

- Intimate sapphic themes!

- Customizable keyboard controls!

Game Screenshots

Work together with your sister to overcome the enemies and traps more easily.

Two heroines are definitely better than one.

As the girls take damage, their clothes will rip and tear.

Some of the secrets will affect the gameplay of Silk Witches. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

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