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Silk Witches

Welcome to the official webpage for Silk Witches, a sidestep shooter that features sapphic themes. It can be downloaded here:

Silk Witches (2018) Zip File Download (1.89 MB)

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What's Going On, and How to Play

The heroines have to defeat an enemy ambush.

Attack the assailants, and take cover to avoid returning fire.

Game Features

- Sidestep shooter gameplay!

- Simultaneous support for 4 Players, including computer-controlled allies!

- Intimate sapphic themes!

- Customizable keyboard and mouse controls!

Game Screenshots

Work together with your friends to overcome the enemies more easily.

The walls provide cover, but most of them can be eventually destroyed.

As the girls take damage, their clothes will rip and tear.

Some of the secrets are affected by the save file of Sisters' Promise. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

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