Sel Feena (Arcade) (1991)
Developer: East Technology

Review by Faididi and Co.

Nothing gets between this gal and her shiny stuff

Story: Average

Sel Feena isn't the kind of little princess who stays at home. Rather, she likes to set out with her equally adorable dino buddy, Rich Rich, to hunt for treasure. There's no real story here, but the characters are just too cute!

Gameplay: Above Average

Played from an overhead perspective, East Technology's Sel Feena is a lighthearted 2-Player action game that looks like a puzzler at first but really isn't. To beat each of the 50 stages, Sel Feena and Rich Rich have to use treasure chests to capture and eliminate all the bad guys. These chests, which are found scattered throughout the stages, are essentially portable traps, and our heroes can throw them into lines of enemies to catch them all at once. Then, before the bad guys inside can break free, the heroes need to move the chests into special spots that will convert the captives into gold coins. This is a fantastic way to encourage quick thinking and coordination on the heroes' part, without turning the game into an actual puzzler.

The colorful level and enemy designs definitely help, too. The stages are set in a beautiful fantasy world, and the cuddly little critters who make up the bad guys are as adorable as the heroes themselves. Also boosting the fun and adding to the depth of the game are the special objects located in the stages, such as arrows that change the direction of moving chests.

Controls: Excellent

The controls are very responsive. Moving around and performing attacks are all easy to do.

Graphics: Excellent

The visuals will make little girls squeal with delight. The brightly drawn characters are fluidly animated, and the pretty backgrounds are vibrantly textured.

Audio: Excellent

The toony noises made by the characters sound great. Although the tunes are few, they're inspired and catchy, in an almost annoyingly irresistable way.

Overall: Above Average

A fantastic action game that requires a little bit of thinking, Sel Feena offers enjoyable bad guy-capturing gameplay, along with highly attractive visual and audio effects.

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