Divine Sealing (Mega Drive)
Developer: Studio Fazzy

Review by Faididi and Co.

Plugging up angels

Story: Above Average

The luckiest starfighter pilot ever is probably Falchion. To save the universe, he needs to seek the elemental energy embodied within several lovely maidens who are waiting for him on different worlds. The story is merely an excuse for our hero to get some almost literally on the fly, but at least some effort has gone into the movies that pop up in between the stages.

Gameplay: Average

As an unlicensed hentai space shooter for the Mega Drive, Studio Fazzy's Divine Sealing definitely has the look of a low-budget project. Falchion flies through 5 vertically scrolling stages of nearly no-frills action. Although he can upgrade his firepower by scoring enough points, there are no actual items to grab. The stages don't vary a lot in layout, and the generic enemies come in relatively few types.

Controls: Average

The ship handles responsively, and moving around and firing are easy to do. The bad news is that the movies automatically progress after a while, so you can't sit and ogle the girls forever.

Graphics: Above Average

With little doubt, the gameplay portions look crappy. The animations are mediocre enough, but worst of all are the eye-straining backgrounds, which resemble bizarre patterns of textures that can make discerning enemy projectiles a major pain. Of course, the gameplay isn't the main draw here. Divine Sealing shines best during the movies, because the beautifully drawn girls are quite attractive to the eye.

Audio: Above Average

The gunfire may be completely silent, and the explosions may sound too soft, but the music is unexpectedly memorable. When the tunes aren't eerie and carrying an almost horror-inducing mood, they're uplifting and catchy.

Overall: Average

Even for an unlicensed space shooter, Divine Sealing has disappointingly rudimentary gameplay, and its controls don't let you linger indefinitely on the movies. However, the ladies in those movies who form the key attraction look really, really nice, and the music is surprisingly inspired, too.

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