Battle Raper 2: The Game (PC) (2005)
Developer: Illusion

Review by Faididi and Co.

You can beat them, but can you really rape them?

Story: Average

The world now has superpowered humans who are charged with mystical elemental energy. One of them, a badass named Yuuki, goes to a mysterious island hidden in the Pacific to search for a mighty source of power. However, he'll need to deal with others who are also drawn to the place, and all of them just happen to be lovely young women. The story is a quick excuse to put our stud protagonist up against a bunch of sexy ladies, whom he'll promptly beat and then... do stuff to.

Oh, and there are multiple endings, by the way.

Gameplay: Average

Although its story is more or less separate, Illusion's Battle Raper 2: The Game is the shamelessly named sequel to its shamelessly named predecessor. The story mode is divided into two parts, the first being the text adventure portion, which is patterned after the typical romance-themed text game with simple multiple-choice inputs. The second part is the tournament fighter portion, where the opponents depend on the decisions that Yuuki makes. The free play mode lets you pit any of the 6 main characters against each other. Like before, every fighter except the one dude is female, and holding all-girl matches is clearly an attraction here.

Too bad Battle Raper 2's action remains as shallow as that of the earlier installment. The still-small number of playable characters doesn't help, and the text adventure portion runs longer than the fighting scenes. There are no throwing moves, and the projectile attacks are few. However, the game smoothes out things by dropping the clothes-removal cutscenes that have been relatively disruptive in the first game, replacing them with a real-time clothing-damage system, where the girls' uniforms become increasingly torn apart as they land blows on each other. While this makes the matches more exciting, it feels weird for not being directly tied to the combatants' actual stamina levels.

Another problem is that the name of this sequel is a lie, because Yuuki never comes close to raping anyone. During the optional minigame that kicks in after a battle, when Yuuki finds himself alone with his unconscious (and mostly nekkid) female victims, he doesn't molest them as much as he heals them by rubbing away their bruises. The most that can happen here is the girls moistening their panties, but the only time when Yuuki actually gets some is at the very end, and only because his chosen love interest willingly consents. If this is the case, the game might as well put in lesbian fondling, but it doesn't, so there.

Controls: Below Average

The character controls are slow and sluggish. There are no button customization options, and the match settings don't go past the choices of combatants and scenery. Having the ability to switch the camera's focus between the winner and the loser at the end of a match would've been nice, too, and the love scenes should have provided more control over the climax. The girls easily acquire costume pieces as they finish a couple of matches in any mode, but their gloves and shoes can't be removed or changed.

Graphics: Above Average

One thing Battle Raper 2 knows how to do right is bringing out gorgeous-looking characters in pretty environments. There's nothing sexier than seeing two maidens gradually slashing away each other's armor and clothes, and the way the girls try to clasp their exposed bosoms is a very cute touch. The clothes-tearing effects aren't perfectly seamless, though, because they're limited to the upper and lower torso areas (the arm and leg wear never being affected).

Audio: Above Average

Except for the clunky blocking noise, everything sounds fine. The voice acting isn't any worse than the first installment's, and the music swings back and forth between cheesy rock tunes and dramatic pieces that lend this game more class than it deserves.

Overall: Average

Battle Raper 2 is a partial improvement over its predecessor. Its clothes-breaking system is more smoothly integrated with the gameplay, but its unresponsive controls are crappy, its disappointingly limited options suck, and nobody here actually rapes anyone. With a bit more work, this could've been a really exciting tournament fighter.

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