Xevious 3D/G+ (PS) (1997)

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[0] Contents

[1] Overview
 [1.1] Story
 [1.2] Characters
 [1.3] Controls
 [1.4] Options
  [1.4.1] Game Select Screen
  [1.4.2] Main Menu
  [1.4.3] Configuration Screen
  [1.4.4] Pause Screen
 [1.5] Weapons and Items
 [1.6] Area Clear Screen
 [1.7] Hi-Score Records
 [1.8] General Tips

[2] Strategies - Xevious 3D/G
 [2.0] Prologue
 [2.1] Area  1: Valley
 [2.2] Area  2: Seaside
 [2.3] Area  3: Ruins
 [2.4] Area  4: Desert
 [2.5] Area  5: Lakes
 [2.6] Area  6: Space
 [2.7] Area  7: Station
 [2.8] Epilogue and Staff Credits

[3] Strategies - Xevious, Super Xevious, Xevious Arrangement
 [3.1] Xevious
 [3.2] Super Xevious
 [3.3] Xevious Arrangement
 [3.4] Xevious Arrangement - Extra Area Mode

[4] Miscellaneous Information
 [4.1] Extra: Bonus Menu
  [4.1.1] Music Test
  [4.1.2] Movie Viewer
  [4.1.3] Xevious 3D/G+ Staff Credits
 [4.2] Extra Credits
 [4.3] Secret Characters
 [4.4] Debug Mode
 [4.5] Game Select Shortcuts
 [4.6] Boss Strategies
 [4.7] Patch Codes

[5] Reference
 [5.1] Game Source Information
 [5.2] Soundtrack Information
 [5.3] Additional Reference
 [5.4] Really Small Details
 [5.5] Document Credits

[6] Contact Information

[1] Overview

 Namco's Xevious 3D/G+ is a compilation of several Xevious installments,
 including the original Xevious, Super Xevious, Xevious Arrangement, and
 Xevious 3D/G.

[1.1] Story

   Eons ago, the first known human civilization made great strides in
 technology and created the Genetic Artificial Matrix Producer (GAMP).
 The GAMP's purpose was to generate human clones meant to serve their
 creators. Over time, however, errors occurred in the cloning process,
 and the clones began to re-interpret their programming. They came to
 see humanity as inferior and that they must "protect" it by subjugating
 their former masters. This they accomplished easily, for the GAMP clones
 were built stronger than their original counterparts.

   Earth fell into a dark age, but hope was not lost. As a solution to the
 rapid reduction in temperature and the encroachment of glaciers due to the
 planet's natural cycle, the GAMP forces decided to transfer their "flocks"
 to other hospitable planets. Of these there were six: Terminus, Atlantus,
 Daerius, Krakatos, Bagurius, and Xevious. The contingent meant for Bagurius
 was the last to leave, but in an amazing revolt it overcame its GAMP captors.

   Vowing never to repeat the folly of creating the GAMP, this remaining
 group of humans established a second civilization, one that matched the
 first one in greatness, but after 4000 years, it too succumbed to the
 destructive phases of Earth's natural cycle. During the earthquakes
 that were heralding another ice age, several abandoned underground GAMP
 facilities were revealed. A working starship was preserved in one of them.

   Mu, a pilot, and Eve, his friend, were given the task of flying this
 vessel to Xevious, the nearest of the planets the GAMP had colonized.
 They had little choice. Their own civilization would not survive the coming
 environmental changes, but the least they could do was to make contact with
 their distant relatives. So Mu and Eve departed on their long journey in cold
 sleep, while all traces of the life they knew back on Earth withered away.

   Upon reaching Xevious, Mu descended to the planet but was quickly
 captured by the GAMP forces. While being held prisoner, Mu befriended
 Mio Veetha, a spirited dissident who did not share the servile nature
 of the other humans on Xevious. Mu also learnt of the Xevian GAMP forces'
 plan to retake Earth by activating the SOL, an upgraded version of the
 GAMP that had the power to conquer the world with its advanced clones.
 Mio, curious about the strangers and the common ancestry with them, decided
 to join Mu, and they escaped with Eve's help. Modifying their ancient
 ship with the highly advanced technology developed at Xevious, the three
 rechristened it the Solvalou and started their lengthy return to Earth.

   Today, a third, fledgling civilization populates Earth, oblivious to
 its lost history. While investigating the Nazca plateau, two research
 scientists, Dr. Susan Meyer and Dr. Akira Sayaka, unwittingly uncover
 a SOL unit. Just then, the GAMP fleet from Xevious appears, activates
 all the SOL units across the globe, and begins its assault.

   However, the GAMP forces have not been alone in their voyage. Mu, Eve,
 and Mio arrive, too. The new civilization before their eyes appears perhaps
 even more alien to them than the GAMP forces they are fighting, but they
 know its bewildered peoples can be trusted. Dr. Meyer and Dr. Sayaka have
 also discovered that a particular drawing on the Nazca plateau is in fact
 a weapon meant to be used against the GAMP forces. Until the scientists
 can study further and learn how to trigger this weapon, their saviors from
 ages past will have to fight off the invading GAMP forces with the Solvalou.

[1.2] Characters

[1.2.1] Good Guys

The Solvalou Starfighter
 Length:          32 feet
 Height:        11.5 feet
 Weight:       40787 pounds
 Maximum Speed: mach 3.4 (atmosphere)
 Flight Range:  3728 miles
 Power System: inertia control system with nuclear propulsion
 Altitude Control System: vector type
  Zapper (particle, plasma, or laser type) and Blaster (terrain bomber)

 A survivor from the second known civilization of Earth. Mu has brought
 along Mio as he escaped from the GAMP forces.

 A survivor from the second known civilization of Earth. Eve is Mu's trusted
 friend and copilot. She is also a robot.

Mio Veetha
 A human born on Xevious who resents the GAMP forces tyrannizing the people
 there. Mio has joined Mu and Eve in their quest to save Earth.

Dr. Susan Meyer
 One of the two scientists who have found a SOL unit at the Nazca plateau.

Dr. Akira Sayaka
 The other of the two scientists who have found a SOL unit at the Nazca

[1.2.2] Bad Guys

Genetic Artificial Matrix Producer (GAMP), Machine Gone Evil
 An ancient but incredibly advanced piece of equipment that produces clones
 originally meant to be servants. It now creates clones who are bent on
 enslaving humans.
   The SOL is an upgraded version of the GAMP, and the clones it makes
 are even more powerful. SOL units resemble tall, gray, smooth, cylindrical
 towers that can be hidden in the ground.

Ando Ageanesis (a.k.a. Andor Genesis), Floating Fortress
 A gigantic battlecraft resembling a massive UFO. It is the most notorious
 member of the Xevian GAMP forces.

Aura Laye, Orbital Deathray Cannon
 Floating in space above Earth, this obscenely powerful weapon can fire
 massive energy beams onto the planet's surface, wiping out entire city
 blocks with each blast.

Gyaariazeed, Gunship
 Another large super unit of the enemy forces. It consists of a main
 central part and two side components that can separate, allowing it
 to attack its victims from multiple directions at once.

The Regular Bad Guys
 Toroid (ring-shaped drone), Zoshi, Jara, Torkan, Bacura (square plate),
 Kapi, Dolsiek, Phylastate, Zelast, Selabysite (bird-like laser ship),
 Terrazi, Kapnerio, Zakato, Seggio, Grobda (tank).

[1.3] Controls

 The Solvalou's weapon system consists of a Zapper and a Blaster.
 The Particle Zapper and the Plasma Zapper are used against aerial
 enemies, while the Blaster is used against ground enemies. When the
 Solvalou equips the Laser Zapper, the controls are slightly different.
 The Zapper Button will shoot air-to-air beams, and the Blaster Button
 will shoot air-to-ground beams instead of bombs.

 On the Key Configuration Screen, the Rapid Zapper setting is simply the
 regular Zapper setting with a turbo function. This turbo function will
 not affect the performance of the Laser Zapper, because that weapon's beams
 are continuously emitted when the Zapper and Blaster Buttons are held.

Movement Pad (D-Pad) - Move (relative to the screen).

Banking Dial (NeGcon Dial) - Bank. Turn this to bank left and right in place.
 This is just for fun and has no effect on the gameplay.

Zapper Button (Square, Circle, L1, R1, II, A, or R) - Fire the Zapper
 or air-to-air beams.

Blaster Button (X, Triangle, L2, R2, I, B, or L) - Fire the Blaster
 or air-to-ground beams.

Credit Button (Select) - Insert a Credit (Xevious and Super Xevious only).

Pause Button (Start) - Pause, and access the Pause Screen. To reset the game,
 press L1, R1, L2, R2, Select, and Start together.

 Note: The Button settings are automatically converted when the regular
 Controller and the NeGcon are switched with each other. The NeGcon
 has no equivalents of L1, L2, and Select, but the functions assigned
 to L1 and L2 are retained when a regular Controller is used again.
 (The game does not support the DualShock's analog features.)

  Controller  NeGcon
  Circle      A
  X           I
  Square      II
  Triangle    B
  R1          R
  R2          L
  L1          -
  L2          -

[1.4] Options

[1.4.1] Game Select Screen

Xevious (green)
 The original Xevious.

Super Xevious (yellow)
 A more difficult version of the original Xevious.

Xevious 3D/G (turquoise)
 An update of Xevious Arrangement. It features a simultaneous 2-Player Mode
 and several other major improvements.

Xevious Arrangement (blue)
 A heavily modified version of the original Xevious. It features a
 simultaneous 2-Player Mode and other enhancements.

Memory Card Utility (red)
 The Memory Card interface, where the Save File may be loaded or saved.
 (The Save File records settings and other data for all the games. There
 is no auto-save feature, but the game will auto-load the Save File after
 the power is turned on.) The High Score Records can be viewed here, too.

Extra: Bonus Menu (green and white)
 The menu where extra bonuses may be accessed. This will appear when
 Xevious 3D/G has been finished.

[1.4.2] Main Menu

Game Start - Begin the game.

Configuration - Access the Configuration Screen.

Reset - Return to the Title Screen of Xevious 3D/G+, exiting the current game.
 In Xevious, Super Xevious, and Xevious Arrangement, this option can also be
 used to instantly switch between those games.

[1.4.3] Configuration Screen

 The options for each game are saved separately.

Rank - Adjust the Difficulty Setting. The default setting is Normal, but
 this may be changed to Easy, Hard, or Very Hard. In Xevious Arrangement,
 instead of Very Hard, there is Hard Core! (for Extra Area Mode).

Left/Solvalou - Adjust the number of Lives. The default setting is 3,
 but this may be changed from 1 to 5.

Special Flag (Xevious and Super Xevious) - Adjust the prize yielded by
 Special Flags. The default setting is Extend (1-Up), but this may be
 changed to 10000 Points.

Extend (Xevious and Super Xevious) - Adjust the number of Points needed for
 the heroes to earn a Life. 1st is the amount needed for the first instance,
 and Every is the amount needed for each subsequent instance. The values
 for Every depends on the value of 1st. 1st may be changed to 10000, 20000,
 30000, or No Ext (for no 1-Ups).

Game Length (Xevious and Super Xevious) - Adjust the length of the game.
 The default setting is Arcade Mode (looping Areas), but this may be
 changed to Short, Medium, Long, or Extended.

Sound - Adjust the audio output. The default setting is Stereo,
 but this may be changed to Mono.

Music Mode (Xevious Arrangement and Xevious 3D/G) - Adjust the version
 of the music. The default setting is Original, but this may be changed
 to Arranged or, in Xevious 3D/G only, Nothing (for no background music).

Screen Mode (Xevious and Super Xevious) - Adjust the orientation of
 the screen. The default setting is Normal, but this may be changed
 to Normal (Full), Arcade, or Arcade (Flip). The Arcade settings
 orient the screen sideways.

Adjust Screen - Adjust the centering of the screen. Press the D-Pad
 to move it. Press Start to accept it. Press the other Buttons to reset
 it to the default setting.

Key Config - Adjust the controls.

Exit - Return to the previous screen.

[1.4.4] Pause Screen

Continue - Unpause.

Title - Return to the Title Screen of the current game.

Adjust - Adjust the centering of the screen.

Reset - Return to the Title Screen of Xevious 3D/G+, exiting the current game.

[1.5] Weapons and Items

 All items must be freed from their containers on the ground with bombs
 or air-to-ground beams before they can be obtained. In Xevious 3D/G, some
 Power Capsules remain at a certain color, while others will cycle through
 the different colors. Once a Power Capsule is freed from its container, its
 color will remain constant. If the heroes grab a Power Capsule that matches
 the weapon they already have, their weapon will be upgraded by one Power
 Level. The default Power Level is 1, and it can be increased to a maximum
 of 3 (or a maximum of 2 in Xevious Arrangement). Every time the heroes get
 wasted, their weapons will drop by one Power Level, until it is back to 1.

Item: Particle Zapper - Blue Power Capsule (Xevious 3D/G)
Damage: moderate
Spread: moderate
Level 1: two straight particle streams
Level 2: three spreading particle streams
Level 3: four spreading particle streams
 The Solvalou's standard set of cannons. The Particle Zapper is a balanced
 weapon that fires streams of energy pellets. When it is upgraded, the
 streams will spread.

Item: Plasma Zapper - Green Power Capsule (Xevious 3D/G)
Damage: high
Spread: narrow
Level 1: plasma beams
Level 2: stronger plasma beams
Level 3: even stronger plasma beams
 The Plasma Zapper fires beams of concentrated energy. While it deals more
 damage per shot than the other weapons, it has a very narrow stream of fire,
 making enemies approaching from the sides more difficult to hit.

Item: Laser Zapper - Red Power Capsule (Xevious 3D/G)
Damage: low
Spread: wide
Level 1: three beams (split: two air-to-air, one air-to-ground)
Level 2: four beams (split: two air-to-air, two air-to-ground)
Level 3: five beams (split: three air-to-air, two air-to-ground)
 The Laser Zapper emits beams that can home in on enemies, as long as
 the beams are of the proper type. The Zapper Button is used to shoot
 red air-to-air beams, and the Blaster Button is used to shoot yellow
 air-to-ground beams. If both the Zapper Button and the Blaster Button
 are pressed, the beams will be split according to an air-to-air and
 air-to-ground ratio that depends on the Power Level.

Item: Power Capsule (Xevious Arrangement)
Level 1: two straight particle streams
Level 2: four spreading particle streams
 In Xevious Arrangement, the Solvalou's Zapper can be upgraded by only
 one Power Level. Due to the increased number of projectiles it will
 shoot per burst, the upgraded Zapper can actually have a lower rate
 of fire. If the Zapper is upgraded, obtaining another Power Capsule
 will add 2000 Points.

Item: Special Flag
 Adds 1 Life (or 10000 Points in Xevious and in Super Xevious, depending on
 how the Special Flag option is set). All Special Flags are hidden and must
 be revealed by bombs or air-to-ground beams before they can be obtained.

[1.6] Area Clear Screen

Shooting Down
 Multiply the percentage (to the one-tenths digit) of the Area's enemies
 whom the heroes have destroyed by 1000 to calculate the Bonus Points they
 gain. (For example, a Shooting Down Rate of 54.5 percent results in 54500
 Bonus Points.) In 2-Player Mode, this value is separate for each Player.

Area Guard Clear
 The less time the heroes take to destroy the boss, the more Bonus Points
 they gain. In 2-Player Mode, this value is the same for both Players.

 The sum of the two above Bonus Scores.

[1.7] Hi-Score Records

 Xevious 3D/G                     Arrangement (Xevious Arrangement)
  Rank   Score    Area  Name       Rank   Score    Name  Area  Sol
  1st    765000    7    KOH        1st    40000    NAK    5    8
  2nd    500000    6    Y.K        2nd    35000    KOH    4    7
  3rd    400000    5    FKD        3rd    30000    YAM    3    6
  4th    300000    4    HRM        4th    25000    TSU    2    5
  5th    200000    3    MTK        5th    20000    KOS    1    4

 Xevious                          Super (Super Xevious)
  Rank   Score    Name             Rank   Score    Name
  1st    40000    M. Nakamura      1st    40000    androidEVE
  2nd    35000    Eirry Mou.       2nd    35000    Misato M.
  3rd    30000    Evezoo End       3rd    30000    Sayaka M.
  4th    25000    S. Okamoto       4th    25000    Mio Veetha
  5th    20000    S. Kojima        5th    20000    Filier T.

[1.8] General Tips

 - The Blaster Reticle will flash if there is a target underneath it, even if
 the target is hidden.

 - Become familiar with the Solvalou's minimum bombing range. Once targets
 reach a certain distance from the bottom edge of the screen, the heroes
 will not be able to bomb them.

 - In Xevious, Super Xevious, and Xevious Arrangement, the Solvalou's bombs
 have no homing capability. The heroes will have to lead their bombs if they
 want to hit moving ground targets.

 - In Xevious 3D/G, the Solvalou's bombs have limited homing capability.
 If the heroes place the Blaster Reticle over a target when they launch
 a bomb, it will track the target, even if the target is moving. The
 Solvalou can also drop up to three bombs at a time instead of one,
 making ground targets easier to destroy.

 - In Xevious 3D/G, if the heroes find themselves getting wasted often,
 they may want to stick with the Plasma Zapper. At Power Level 1, the
 Plasma Zapper and the Particle Zapper have comparably narrow streams
 of fire, but the Plasma Zapper deals more damage.

 - In Xevious 3D/G, the Laser Zapper is best for killing packs of minor
 enemies, but against larger targets its beams should all be set to one
 type (air-to-air or air-to-ground, depending on where the bad guys are)
 to deal the maximum amount of damage. Splitting them between both types
 all the time may result in wasting firepower on empty air or ground.
 The Laser Zapper can hit targets anywhere on the screen, but it is more
 likely to hit SOL units and Special Flags that are near the heroes.

 - The light blue bullets from enemies can be easily destroyed, but the
 purple bullets are indestructible. In Xevious 3D/G, when a boss is defeated,
 any projectiles remaining on the screen will be eliminated.

 - In Xevious 3D/G and in Xevious Arrangement's 2-Player Mode, if the
 heroes get wasted but have at least 1 Life in reserve, they will continue
 from where they have died, with their Power Level reduced if it is higher
 than 1. In Xevious, Super Xevious, and Xevious Arrangement's 1-Player Mode,
 if the heroes get wasted but have at least 1 Life in reserve, they will
 restart from the most recent Checkpoint.

 - In Xevious 3D/G, up to only 10 Lives (represented by small Solvalou icons)
 can be displayed due to limited screen space, even if the heroes' actual
 number of Lives is higher.

 - If it's Game Over, the heroes may continue from where they have died in
 Xevious 3D/G and in Xevious Arrangement's 2-Player Mode or from the most
 recent Checkpoint in Xevious, Super Xevious, and Xevious Arrangement's
 1-Player Mode. In Xevious 3D/G and Xevious Arrangement, there are normally
 3 Credits (including those used to begin the game) shared between the heroes.
 In Xevious and Super Xevious, Credits may be added for free at any time.

[2] Strategies - Xevious 3D/G

[2.0] Prologue

Attract Movie:

[We see the Solvalou moving through a launch tube. It teleports through
 a warp gate, and then we see it emerging in space before it descends to
 Earth. It flies through the air and fires its Particle Zapper, destroying
 a pyramid-like building on the ground. Ring-shaped drones swoop toward it,
 but it quickly darts past them.

[We now see Ando Ageanesis hovering across the grassy plain, with the
 Solvalou chasing it. The screen fades out within the Solvalou's white
 jet thrust as it dashes above Ando Ageanesis, flying past the camera.]

[2.1] Area 1: Valley


 Mu and Eve begin their mission from an underground base concealed at
 a valley. After they take off in their Solvalou, they must destroy the
 GAMP forces attacking a peaceful city within this verdant region.

General Hints:

 The first Area is the easiest, not surprisingly. The enemy forces here are
 very light, and the miniboss and the boss can be easily defeated. Be sure
 to grab all the Power Capsules in preparation for the later Areas.


 After taking off, the heroes will almost immediately encounter some flying
 ring-shaped drones. Kill them, and bomb the enemy fortifications along the
 valley bottom. Pick up a Power Capsule, and then bomb some tanks.

 When the flying plates appear, the camera will briefly drop down behind
 the heroes, providing a forward-scrolling view. The plates cannot be
 destroyed, so just avoid them. Ando Ageanesis will appear, but it will
 escape to the front for the time being.

 For now, deal with the UFO that will appear over the lake. Watch out for
 any laser beams it fires. At the city, chunks of the highway will break up
 and float away, but they won't hurt the heroes. Kill the vehicles along the
 road, though, because the red energy fields they emit are lethal. Pick up
 the Power Capsule at the end of the highway section.

 Now several black pods will appear, turning into purple bullets when they
 are destroyed or when they go to the bottom of the screen. Ando Ageanesis
 will show up shortly after they do, and it will attack, even while there are
 black pods present. The heroes only need to bomb its central weak point once
 to defeat it, but they can also bomb its four smaller weak points to reduce
 the amount of projectiles it will fire. After this dude, the boss appears.

Boss: "spider"

 The spider is like a more heavily armored version of Ando Ageanesis.
 It will fire bullets at the heroes while it slowly walks backward.
 The heroes can damage its legs, but the real target is the boss' main
 body. First, they have to shoot at its body until its protective shell
 is destroyed, and then they have to bomb its core to kill it.

[2.2] Area 2: Seaside


 After clearing the valley, Mu and Eve proceed toward the coast. The
 GAMP forces are terrorizing a port city there with their battleship
 and their orbital deathray cannon. The heroes need to get rid of the
 battleship now, and they will deal with the orbital cannon later.

General Hints:

 This Area is a step up in difficulty from the first one, but it's still
 fairly easy to beat. Be alert at the port city, which hides lots of bad
 guys who are waiting to ambush pesky starfighters.


 Begin by bombing the ships on the sea. There is a Power Capsule shortly
 after the starting point. Watch out for a laser beam-firing UFO that appears
 as the port city nears. There is another Power Capsule after it.

 While the heroes fly over the main road of the city, they should look for
 one UFO that will appear on the right side and then another UFO that will
 appear on the left side. At the end of the road are two Power Capsules.
 Be sure to bomb the smooth gray ground here to dig out hidden SOL units.
 Also bomb one of the center buildings lying before two more Power Capsules
 to find a Special Flag.

 Now, a gunship miniboss will approach. It fires rows of laser bolts, and the
 heroes can fly between these laser bolts without harm.

 Prepare to bomb more boats over the water and kill more flying drones.
 Upon reaching the shore, the heroes should find a Power Capsule. Toward
 the shore on the other end, the enemy orbital cannon will begin firing.
 If the heroes find a thin beam of energy coming down near them, they must
 move away before it expands to full strength, or else they will get caught
 in the blast and die. (The beams are harmless while they are still thin
 initially, but they grow to full strength rapidly.) After the orbital beams,
 the boss will swoop down.

Boss: "battleship"

 The flying battleship is big, but it isn't really that nasty. The heroes
 can bomb the many turrets on its surfaces to reduce its firepower, although
 these turrets can regenerate. The boss' real weak point is the large disk
 at its center. After destroying this disk, the boss' core will be exposed.
 Bomb this core to destroy the battleship.

[2.3] Area 3: Ruins


 Ancient ruins dating back to the times when the GAMP was built have been
 reactivated, churning out more enemy forces. Mu and Eve must enter these
 ruins and shut them down permanently.

General Hints:

 This Area is the only one that has multiple paths. The route the heroes
 take depends on certain factors (one of which is whether they kill the
 bird-like laser ships or not). The heroes won't collide into the walls
 of the ruins if they move all the way to the sides of the screen, but
 they do need to worry about the falling columns and the vastly increased
 amount of barriers and projectiles that will fill the air.


 Stay back to avoid the falling columns. There is a Power Capsule past the
 first falling column, and another Power Capsule can be found after the second
 falling column. There is a third Power Capsule before the end of this hall.

 At the end of the hall, the path forks. Both paths are somewhat similar.
 The heroes will enter a corridor consisting of rotating sections. Lots
 of turrets will be on these rotating sections, making them a little more
 difficult to bomb. Watch out for flying plates here, too.

 Either way, the heroes will eventually come to a second fork. They may
 enter a corridor that has dark blocks coming out from the walls, floating
 in the air. These blocks cannot be destroyed, so avoid them. There are
 five Power Capsules in this corridor. Alternatively, the heroes may enter
 a corridor that has brick towers in the middle firing bullets at them, along
 with the rest of the bad guys. No matter which path they take, the heroes
 will find a large door that opens up, letting them enter the boss' lair.

Boss: "blocks"

 The boss here is an exposed core, but it is far from defenseless. It will
 summon blocks, using them to shield itself from the heroes and to fire laser
 beams. While avoiding the boss' projectiles and blocks, the heroes will have
 to shoot at the core whenever it lines up with their plane. Getting close to
 the boss is dangerous due to the blocks, so firing from a distance is safer.

[2.4] Area 4: Desert


 The Nazca plateau has quickly become a hotbed of GAMP activity, due to the
 many SOL units hidden there. If Dr. Meyer and Dr. Sayaka are to uncover the
 secrets of the Nazca drawings, Mu and Eve must first secure the place.

General Hints:

 This Area features more wide open spaces like the first Area, only now
 there are a lot more ground forces. Besides getting rid of the many
 turrets here, the heroes can also use their bombs to dig out SOL units
 and Special Flags hidden among the vast sands.


 Early into the Area, there are two Power Capsules. There is another
 Power Capsule near a large gunship. At the middle of the Area, there
 is an image of a bird that will draw itself across the sands. Creepy.
 Bomb the head of this bird to find a SOL unit. Bomb the right wing of
 this bird (on the right half of the screen) to find a Special Flag.
 Bomb the left side of the screen when the flying plates appear to
 find another Special Flag.

 Later, there will be two Power Capsules, and then there will be another
 two Power Capsules, with a gunship miniboss showing up after them. Kill
 it. The diamond-shaped torpedoes that quickly dive down will release
 bullets, so prepare to do a lot of evasive maneuvers. The heroes will
 find two more Power Capsules before reaching the boss.

Boss: "factory"

 The boss is a factory that generates tanks, which add to the firepower
 coming from the factory's own cannons. Ignoring the tanks as much as
 possible, shoot at the plates revolving around the center of the factory.
 Once all the plates are gone, the core will appear, floating back and
 forth in front of the building and periodically firing waves of spreading
 beams. Line up with the core and pump shots into it until it is destroyed.
 The heroes stand a better chance of surviving the beams if they hang back,
 where the beams will spread out more, giving them wider safe spaces.

[2.5] Area 5: Lakes


 Mu and Eve now travel to the arctic lakes to wipe out the last of the
 major GAMP forces on Earth. Once they are done, they can proceed toward
 the enemy base orbiting the planet.

General Hints:

 This Area can be fairly tough, and it is not because of the snowstorm.
 The bad guys are numerous both in the air and on the ground, and destroying
 enemies before they can fire off barrages of projectiles becomes more
 important than ever.


 Watch out for the large towers that come out of the river to fire shots.
 These towers can be hit with either the Zapper or bombs (and in the case
 of the Laser Zapper, either air-to-air beams or air-to-ground beams).
 There is a Power Capsule at the mouth of the river.

 As the heroes fly over the lakes, they can bomb the buildings and find
 a Power Capsule on the floes. The UFOs here shoot laser beams that spread
 out in a circle, so kill them quickly or prepare to do a lot of dodging.

 At the top of the cliff, there is a Power Capsule. Watch out for the
 black pods that split into bullets. One more Power Capsule can be found
 before the boss shows up.

Boss: Gyaariazeed ("gunship")

 Gyaariazeed is a multi-part gunship. Its central body can fire ring beams
 and curving beams, while its side parts can move off independently to fire
 more projectiles at the heroes. Destroying the side parts isn't necessary
 but can reduce the boss' amount of shots. When the side parts are separated,
 use bombs to hit them. Once the central body blows up, Gyaariazeed is
 defeated, whether its side parts are still intact or not.

[2.6] Area 6: Space


[We see the Solvalou flying over the white mountains of the arctic region,
 and then it pulls up sharply, shooting straight up through the heavy
 snowstorm. It ascends into the space above Earth's atmosphere and
 continues flying forward.]


 Now that the GAMP forces on Earth have been stopped, it's time to take the
 fight to the enemy base. Mu and Eve's next target is the orbital deathray
 cannon, which stands in their way to the GAMP space station.

General Hints:

 Bombing targets becomes a whole different challenge in this Area. There is
 no ground in space, so the heroes should be very careful when they aim their
 bombs. If they miss, they will have to wait for their bombs to disappear
 off the screen before they can launch more, and that can be very bad when
 a bunch of turrets show up. An easy way to deal with this is to use the
 Laser Zapper, because the air-to-ground beams can hit turrets much faster
 than the bombs can.


 Blow away any flying drones that appear, but be careful with bombing,
 because the lack of any ground will cause bombs that miss their targets
 to fall for a long time, preventing the heroes from quickly launching
 more. If the heroes are not accurate with bombs, they should switch
 to the Laser Zapper as soon as possible.

 Halfway through the Area, several flying plates will appear. The heroes
 only have to worry about avoiding the ones on their plane. Also watch out
 for turrets located on some of these plates. The plates themselves are
 indestructible as usual, but the turrets are not. Avoid or shoot apart
 the meteoroids that appear before the boss arrives.

Boss: Aura Laye ("orbital deathray cannon")

 Aura Laye is a set of weapons housed within a large asteroid. (This is the
 same guy who has been firing deathrays at the heroes near the end of the
 second Area.) The battle consists of two phases. During the first phase,
 the heroes will face the backside of the boss. The heroes can bust up the
 revolving plates, but the real target is the central core, which can be
 damaged only when it flips open. After the heroes destroy the central
 core, the boss will rotate, pointing its deathray cannon at the heroes.
 During this second phase, the heroes have to shoot the deathray cannon,
 which periodically fires a massive beam, sweeping side to side a bit.
 The secondary guns shoot more beams, and they can be destroyed to reduce
 the boss' amount of shots. Destroy the main deathray cannon to kill
 Aura Laye. Also watch out for meteoroids that zip across from one side
 of the screen to the other during this battle.

[2.7] Area 7: Station


 Mu and Eve have finally reached the enemy base. Dr. Meyer and Dr. Sayaka
 have also figured out how to use the ancient weapon in the desert, but
 for it to do any good, the GAMP space station's defenses must be lowered.
 If the heroes wish to save Earth, they must attack the GAMP Core at the
 heart of the station to expose it.

General Hints:

 The last Area is certainly one of the toughest, if not the most difficult,
 of all the Areas. Not only will the heroes have to fight off seemingly
 endless hordes of flying drones, they will also have to work through
 several dangerously narrow corridors. The Laser Zapper can be rather
 effective at these narrow sections.


 Watch out for flying plates when entering the narrow corridors of the
 space station. The camera here will move straight up, which makes spotting
 any threats ahead more difficult. There will be three Power Capsules
 arranged in a triangular pattern, with one of each color.

 Don't touch the dark gray walls. Fly through the narrow spaces and bomb
 any turrets that get in the way. The narrow spaces make avoiding enemy
 projectiles an extreme pain in the ass, but the Laser Zapper can make
 the heroes' lives a bit easier here by killing the turrets quickly.

 At the sections where some of the walls lower to let the heroes pass,
 the heroes must not linger at the bottom two-thirds of the screen,
 because the walls will rise back up soon, attempting to smash them.

 After the sets of lowering and rising walls, the heroes will find smaller
 walls sliding around the place. Avoid them, and pick up the Power Capsule
 here. Another set of three Power Capsules marks the end of the section
 with the moving walls. Bomb in front of the rightmost one (the green one)
 to find a Special Flag.

 Avoid more flying plates, and kill the laser gunships that appear, including
 a large gunship miniboss. (This is the same guy from the second Area.) Some
 of the UFOs here must be killed with bombs or air-to-ground beams.

 Deeper into the station, there will be more turrets lining the platforms,
 in addition to the flying drones swarming the place. A few Power Capsules
 can be found along the way. After blowing through the large door to the
 center of the station, the heroes will face the final boss.

Boss: GAMP Core

 The GAMP Core is a tower that consists of the smaller cube-like cores that
 have controlled the first five bosses. (They have all escaped back to the
 station after being beaten earlier.) As the GAMP Core descends through
 the central shaft of the station, the heroes will have to destroy it cube
 by cube. Each time the heroes blow up a cube, they will move down to the
 next one, until all five cubes are gone. There is no time limit during this
 battle. The shaft keeps going on and on until the boss is destroyed. The
 first two cubes fire laser beams periodically. The third cube does the
 same, but it will also summon flying drones that add to its firepower.
 The fourth and fifth cubes fire even more laser beams in spreading bursts.

[2.8] Epilogue and Staff Credits

Ending Movie:

[We see two Solvalous, one blue and one red, flying out of the space station.
 The space station's lights turn dark, but it is still intact.]

[Nighttime falls on the Nazca plateau on Earth. A large ship approaches
 the large image of a bird on the desert. This ship resembles the same bird
 depicted in the desert image, and its alien surfaces seem to be constructed
 of the same materials seen on the GAMP space station. As the Solvalous hover
 by at the sides, the ship fires a red laser beam from its nose, aiming at
 the corresponding tip of the beak in the drawing. The drawing emits an eerie
 vertical shaft of purple light matching its outline, and then it fires this
 light straight up into space.]

[The light from the drawing reaches up to the space station and engulfs it,
 disintegrating its surfaces. The station then explodes into a ball of light.
 Moments later, it explodes again, this time erupting into a blinding white
 flash that washes out the entire screen.]

Staff Credits:

 Namco Production Staff

 Directorial Staff
  Taka Yamamura

 Programming Staff
  Yousuke Kuroda

 CG Artistic Staff
  Rascal Fukuda
  Kaname Takai
  Muneyuki Tejima

[We see the spider boss stomping the ground in front of the camera with one
 of its legs.]

 Graphic Design Staff
  Hideaki Ito

 Music Staff
  Hiroto Sasaki
  Etsuo Ishii
  Yoshie Arakawa
  Nobuyoshi Sano
  Takanori Otsuka
  Keiichi Okabe
  Akihiko Ishikawa
  Akitaka Tohyama
  Yoshinori Shimizu

 Production Coordination Staff
  Shinichi Tsuruya

 Coordinator Support Staff
  Atsushi Koyama

 Package Design & Coordination Staff
  Minako Matsuda

[We see the battleship boss flying over the clear sea, while a few flying
 drones zip past above it.]

 Debugging Team
  Takashi Chida
  Kazuhisa Takahashi
  Wataru Yasuda
  Osamu Yoshida
  Sachiyo Ohsako

 Special Thanks
  Yutaka Kounoe
  Hajime Harima
  Takashi Koshigoe

[We see a tank rolling over the sand after coming out from the factory boss
 at the desert, avoiding the Solvalou's bombs falling around it.]

 Original Game Staff

 Directorial Staff
  Yutaka Kounoe
  Tadashi Iguchi

 CG Artistic Staff
  Rascal Fukuda
  Kaname Takai
  Nobuo Takahashi
  Muneyuki Tejima

 Programming Staff
  Yousuke Kuroda
  Hajime Harima
  Kazuyuki Nikaido

[We see Gyaariazeed flying around in the snowstorm, reconnecting its side
 parts to itself with noisy metallic clangs.]

 Graphic Design Staff
  Hideaki Ito

 Music Staff
  Nobuyoshi Sano
  Hiroto Sasaki

 Debugging Team
  Yasumichi Onishi
  Jin Okubo
  Kazuo Takahashi
  Tetsuya Akatsuka
  Norikatsu Yoshikawa
  Satoshi Masukawa

 Special Thanks
  Kohji Kenjoh
  Noruhiro Tanaka
  Hiromichi Kawaguchi
  Masateru Umeda
  Taka Yamamura
  Takashi Koshigoe
  Hiroshi Goshowaki
  Kohei Teraoka
  Namco all staff

[We see Aura Laye charging up its deathray cannon.]

  Shukuo Ishikawa
  Hajime Nakatani
  Katsuo Nakamura
  Junichi Kawamura

[We see Aura Laye firing its deathray cannon along with its other cannons.]

 Masaya Nakamura

 Produced by

[Note: Ayako Saso and Shinji Hosoe are credited under the Music and
 Sound Effect sections in the arcade version's Staff Credits, but
 their names do not appear in this console version's Staff Credits.]

[3] Strategies - Xevious, Super Xevious, Xevious Arrangement

 Xevious and Super Xevious come with practically infinite Credits here.
 Simply press the Credit Button (Select) to add one for free.

[3.1] Xevious

General Hints:

 When Ando Ageanesis appears, try to rush up and bomb its weak point at its
 center before too many projectiles gather onto the screen.

[3.2] Super Xevious

General Hints:

 Again, when Ando Ageanesis appears, try to kill it before things get too
 hectic. That is, of course, assuming the heroes can even make their way
 up to it.

[3.3] Xevious Arrangement

 Xevious Arrangement is an updated version of Xevious that has originally
 appeared in Namco Classics Collection Volume 1: Galaga, Xevious, Mappy.
 It is basically Xevious with a simultaneous 2-Player feature, Power-Ups,
 new tunes, and other enhancements.

Area 01: The heroes only have to deal with easy ring-like drones, and there
 are undefended buildings for them to bomb. There are two Power Capsules.

Area 02: Tanks begin to show up. There is one Power Capsule.

Area 03: Flying plates will appear, going backward eventually.
 There is one Power Capsule along the riverside.

Area 04: There are more flying drones, turrets, and tanks. Ando Ageanesis
 will appear beyond some small ruins. After it does, look out for black pods
 that turn into bullets. Bomb the center of the boss to kill it.

Area 05: The port city packs lots of boats and turrets. The heroes should
 lead their bombs if they want to hit the moving turrets. There is one
 Power Capsule.

Area 06: Flying plates will move horizontally across the screen. There is
 one Power Capsule.

Area 07: Expect lots of ground forces, in the form of turrets and tanks.

Area 08: More flying drones and flying plates await the heroes here.
 The end is marked by the triplet bosses. Bomb the center of each boss
 to kill it. There is one Power Capsule.

Area 09: Both air and ground forces are more numerous.

Area 10: Prepare to fight even more air and ground forces. There is one
 Power Capsule.

Area 11: Flying plates will move both vertically and horizontally.

Area 12: After the black cores scan the heroes, another Ando Ageanesis
 will appear. Also watch out for the mines that fly down and explode into
 several bullets.

Area 13: The port base has turrets scattered all over the place.

Area 14: More flying plates can be found here. There is one Power Capsule.

Area 15: Several moving turrets patrol this place. There is one Power Capsule.

Area 16: Flying drones and turrets will attack. There are five Power Capsules,
 with four of them appearing just before the final two bosses. The first boss
 is yet another Ando Ageanesis. Following it is a Super Ando Ageanesis, which
 has two weak points instead of one. Bomb both to kill it.

[3.4] Xevious Arrangement - Extra Area Mode

 To access Extra Area Mode, finish Xevious Arrangement. Extra Area Mode puts
 the heroes through new and even more difficult Areas. (The Rank will be set
 to Hard Core!) If you exit to either Xevious or Super Xevious and then come
 back to Xevious Arrangement, it will still be in Extra Area Mode. To get out
 of it, return to the Title Screen of Xevious 3D/G+.

Extra Area 1: Lots of turrets fill this place. There are three Power Capsules.

Extra Area 2: Sea tanks provide even more trouble here. There are four
 Power Capsules.

Extra Area 3: Hordes of turrets will attack the heroes. There are eight Power
 Capsules, with four appearing early on and the other four appearing later.

[4] Miscellaneous Information

[4.1] Extra: Bonus Menu

 To access the Bonus Menu, finish Xevious 3D/G on any Difficulty Setting.
 (Using the Extra Credits trick is allowed.) Enter the Bonus Menu from
 the Game Select Screen (by choosing Extra Option, which is marked by
 a Special Flag).

Music Test - Sample the music. There are 55 tunes. The default selection
 is 00.

Movie Viewer - Sample the Movies. There are 6 Movies. The default selection
 is 3DG+: Attract.

Credits - Know the people who have created this compilation, Xevious 3D/G+.

Xevious Arrangement (Extra Area Mode) - Play Xevious Arrangement in Extra
 Area Mode.

Exit - Return to the previous screen.

[4.1.1] Music Test

 Press Up and Down to cycle through the tunes. Press Circle to play them.
 Press Square to stop them. Press X to return to the Bonus Menu.

 3D/G+ (turquoise) - Tunes for the menus of this compilation, Xevious 3D/G+.
 A/org (green)     - Tunes for Xevious Arrangement, original version.
 A/arr (yellow)    - Tunes for Xevious Arrangement, arranged version.
 3/org (blue)      - Tunes for Xevious 3D/G, original version.
 3/arr (red)       - Tunes for Xevious 3D/G, arranged version.

 ##  Type   Tune             ##  Type   Tune (55 total)
 00  3D/G+  Attract Movie
 01  3D/G+  Game Select      28  3/org  Area 7
 02  A/org  Area 1-4         29  3/org  Boss 7
 03  A/org  Area 5-8         30  3/org  Continue
 04  A/org  Area 9-12        31  3/org  Area Clear
 05  A/org  Area 13-16       32  3/org  Name Entry
 06  A/org  Final Area       33  3/arr  Area 1
 07  A/org  Ending           34  3/arr  Boss 1
 08  A/org  Name Entry       35  3/arr  Area 2
 09  A/arr  Area 1-4         36  3/arr  Boss 2
 10  A/arr  Area 5-8         37  3/arr  Area 3
 11  A/arr  Area 9-12        38  3/arr  Boss 3
 12  A/arr  Area 13-16       39  3/arr  Area 4
 13  A/arr  Final Area       40  3/arr  Boss 4
 14  A/arr  Ending           41  3/arr  Area 5
 15  A/arr  Name Entry       42  3/arr  Boss 5
 16  3/org  Area 1           43  3/arr  Area 6
 17  3/org  Boss 1           44  3/arr  Boss 6
 18  3/org  Area 2           45  3/arr  Area 7
 19  3/org  Boss 2           46  3/arr  Boss 7
 20  3/org  Area 3           47  3/arr  Continue
 21  3/org  Boss 3           48  3/arr  Area Clear
 22  3/org  Area 4           49  3/arr  Name Entry
 23  3/org  Boss 4           50  3/arr  Attract Movie
 24  3/org  Area 5           51  3/arr  Intermission Movie
 25  3/org  Boss 5           52  3/arr  Heihachi & Paul Movie
 26  3/org  Area 6           53  3/arr  Ending Movie
 27  3/org  Boss 6           54  3/arr  Staff Roll Movie

[4.1.2] Movie Viewer

 Press Up and Down to cycle through the Movies. Press Circle to play them.
 Press Square to stop them. Press X to return to the Bonus Menu.

 Type  Movie (6 total)
 3DG+: Attract (Xevious 3D/G+ Attract Movie)
 3DG : Attract (Xevious 3D/G Attract Movie)
 3DG : Intermission (Xevious 3D/G Intermission Movie between Areas 5 and 6)
 3DG : Heihachi & Paul (Xevious 3D/G Tekken Secret Characters Ending Movie)
 3DG : Ending (Xevious 3D/G Ending Movie)
 3DG : Staff Roll (Xevious 3D/G Staff Credits)

[4.1.3] Xevious 3D/G+ Staff Credits

 Xevious 3D/G+
 Menu Program

  Yuji Yamamura

  Yoshihito Ivanaga

 Visual Designer
  Kaname Takai

 Sound Composer
  Masahiro Fukuzawa
  Takanori Otsuka
  Hiroto Sasaki

 Graphic Designer
  Hideaki Ito

 Product Coordinator
  Toshiya Hara
  Shin'ichi Tsuruya

  Produced by

[4.2] Extra Credits

 To gain extra Credits in Xevious 3D/G, on the Game Select Screen, highlight
 Xevious 3D/G, and hold L2 while rapidly pressing Circle. (There should be a
 Blaster sound when the game is being loaded.) Keep holding L2 and pressing
 Circle until the Xevious 3D/G Title Screen appears. The faster Circle is
 pressed, the more extra Credits will be gained. Press Circle quickly enough
 to set the Coinage to Free Play (infinite Credits). This can be done with
 Controller 1 or Controller 2, but it cannot be done with the NeGcon.

[4.3] Secret Characters

 To access secret characters in Xevious 3D/G, on the Xevious 3D/G Main Menu,
 highlight "START," and hold the following until gaining actual control over
 the characters, after they take off in the first Area.

Dark Solvalou (P1 and P2) - L1, L2, R1, R2, Select, and Start
 The Dark Solvalou is just like the regular one, only it comes with a
 black-and-gray paint scheme. If both Players use Dark Solvalous, the
 two ships will look like the same.

Wide Dark Solvalou - Repeat the Dark Solvalou Code on the Configuration Screen
 The Wide Dark Solvalou is just like the regular one, only it comes with a
 black-and-gray paint scheme and is wider.

Heihachi Mishima (P1 only) - Left, Circle, X, Select, and Start
 Heihachi is a character from Namco's Tekken series. In Xevious 3D/G,
 he can fly around and shoot projectiles like the Solvalou. His speed
 (relative to the screen) is lower than the Solvalou's, but he begins
 with a Power Level of 3. His Power Level still drops if he gets wasted.

Paul Phoenix (P2 only) - Right, Circle, X, Select, and Start
 Paul is a character from Namco's Tekken series. In Xevious 3D/G,
 he can fly around and shoot projectiles like the Solvalou. His speed
 (relative to the screen) is extremely higher than the Solvalou's,
 but unlike Heihachi, he doesn't begin with a free Power Level upgrade.

 If Xevious 3D/G is finished with Heihachi or Paul, there will be an
 extra (and very silly) scene in the Ending Movie.

[4.4] Debug Mode

 To access Debug Mode in the original Xevious, on the Xevious Main Menu,
 highlight "GAME START," and hold Square, X, and Start. (There should be
 a message saying, "DEBUG MODE.")

[4.5] Game Select Shortcuts

 To immediately load the desired game on the green loading screen that
 normally returns to the Xevious 3D/G+ Title Screen, hold the following
 when the Generator Status value changes. (There should be a message
 saying, "SHORT CUT EXECUTION," and the name of the game being loaded.)

  Game                 Button Combination
  Xevious 3D/G         Select and X
  Xevious Arrangement  Select and Circle
  Xevious              Select and Square
  Super Xevious        Select and Triangle

[4.6] Boss Strategies

Name: Ando Ageanesis (a.k.a. Andor Genesis), "floating fortress"
Area: 1 (Xevious 3D/G), 4 (Xevious Arrangement), 12 (Xevious Arrangement)
 Avoid its projectiles, and bomb its central weak point to kill it.

Name: "spider"
Area: 1 (Xevious 3D/G)
 Shoot the central body until the protective shell is destroyed, and then
 bomb the exposed core. The legs can be damaged, but that is not necessary
 to kill the boss.

Name: "battleship"
Area: 2 (Xevious 3D/G)
 Destroy the large central disk, and then bomb the exposed core. The many
 turrets on the battleship can be destroyed, but they can regenerate.

Name: "blocks"
Area: 3 (Xevious 3D/G)
 Shoot the core whenever possible while avoiding the blocks and the
 boss' projectiles. Firing from a distance is much safer than getting
 up close, due to the blocks.

Name: "factory"
Area: 4 (Xevious 3D/G)
 Shoot the plates revolving around the center of the factory, and then attack
 the core when it appears. Watch out for the core's spreading beam attack.
 Kill the tanks coming out if they get too annoying.

Name: Gyaariazeed, "gunship"
Area: 5 (Xevious 3D/G)
 Attack its central body. Destroying the side parts is not necessary to kill
 the boss, but doing so will reduce the amount of laser beams it shoots.

Name: Aura Laye, "orbital deathray"
Area: 6 (Xevious 3D/G)
 In the first phase, shoot the central core whenever it flips open.
 In the second phase, shoot the deathray cannon whenever it stops firing
 its massive beams. Destroying the secondary cannons will reduce the amount
 of returning fire, but doing so is not necessary to kill the boss.

Name: GAMP Core
Area: 7 (Xevious 3D/G)
 Destroy the five black cubes one by one. The first two cubes periodically
 shoot laser beams. The third cube does the same, but it will also summon
 flying drones that add to its firepower. The fourth and fifth cubes shoot
 even more laser beams in spreading bursts.

Name: "triplets"
Area: 8 (Xevious Arrangement)
 Avoid its projectiles, and bomb the weak point of each triplet to kill it.

Name: Ando Ageanesis, Super
Area: 16 (Xevious Arrangement)
 Avoid its projectiles, and bomb its two central weak points to kill it.

[4.7] Patch Codes

 Address   Value Range   Game Value(s) Affected

 8012DC18  0000 to 0009  Xevious 3D/G - Credits

 8012DD58  0001 to 000F  Xevious 3D/G - P1 Lives
 8012DD5C  0001 to 000F  Xevious 3D/G - P2 Lives
 To find the appropriate number to which these values should be set,
 add 1 to the desired number of Lives. For example, to have 10 Lives
 for Player 1, set 8012DD58's value to 000B (HEX).

 80169548  0000 to 0009  Xevious, Super Xevious, Xevious Arrangement - Credits


[5] Reference

[5.1] Game Source Information

Name: Xevious 3D/G+

Code: SLPS-00750 (Japanese)
Code: SLUS-00461 (North American)

Developer: Namco
Producer: Namco

Genre: compilation (space shooters)
Players: 2

Save: Memory Card (1 Block)
Save File Name: XEVIOUS 3D/G+ Data. AVA namco
Save File Icon: Toroid

Discs: 1
Size: 539 MB

Publisher: Namco

Release Date: 1997-03-28 (Japanese)
Release Date: 1997-06--- (North American)

UPC: 722674020671 (North American)

Cover Art: (North American)

 The Solvalou charges toward Ando Ageanesis, which is floating over the image
 of a bird at the Nazca plateau. The thick dirt upon which the image lies is
 a rich brown. A green sea of grass can be seen stretching all the way to the
 horizon, and the crisp morning skies are filled with brilliant white clouds.
 At the lower left quadrant of this scene, another scene, that of the shiny
 blue launch tube the Solvalou uses, is blended into the rest.

Disc Art: (North American)

 The top of the disc has a greenish design, resembling the scenery at the
 green valley within the game.

Case Details: (North American)

 The 3D way to x-terminate x-tra-terrestrials.

 Xevious 3D/G+ is a furious interstellar shoot-fest, teeming
 with rapid-fire 3D features. You get 3D/G, three bonus
 games, nasty alien bosses, a galaxy of polygon 3D graphics,
 plus two-player simultaneous shooting action that'll have you
 x-claiming x-pletives. (Little alien caskets sold separately).

 - A 3D shoot-a-thon. Features Xevious 3D/G, Original Xevious,
 Super Xevious and Xevious Arrangement.

 - Spectacular polygon 3D graphics. So impressive, you'll check
 your shirt for splattered alien entrails.

 - Eye-opening cinematics. You'll swear you're in a major Hollywood
 sci-fi flick. (If you don't like to swear, feel free to say "dang").

 - Big, surly, ugly bosses. No wimps here. Enemy bosses come in three
 sizes. Tough. Tougher. Toughest.

 - Pound enemy positions with power-ups. New, improved weapons of mass
 destruction. Power-up your fighter then level places and things.

 - One or Two Player Mode. Stand alone against the enemy or let a
 friend join the fracas.

[5.2] Soundtrack Information

 Xevious 3D/G+ Original Soundtrack Copyright 1982, 1984, 1995, 1996, 1997
 Namco Limited and 1997 Wonder Spirits Inc.

Name: Xevious 3D/G+ Original Soundtrack (i/o Soundtrack Series 001)
Code: WSCA-00001

Producer: Namco and Wonder Spirits

Publisher: Wonder Spirits
Release Date: 1997-08-20

Discs: 3


 Disc 1 of 3: 489 MB - "Xevious 3D/G music for PlayStation Part 1"
 Disc 2 of 3: 528 MB - "Xevious 3D/G music for PlayStation Part 2"
 Disc 3 of 3: 621 MB - "Xevious 3D/G music for Arcade and
                        Xevious Arrangement music for PlayStation"

JAN: 4533341000010

Cover Art:

 The front cover is an image taken from the Attract Movie of Xevious 3D/G
 (in Xevious 3D/G+), where the Solvalou is flying toward Ando Ageanesis.
 This image is rendered with a washed-out, bluish tint.

Disc Art:

 All three discs have a plain but glossy silver top, making them resemble
 the Toroids, the ring-shaped enemy drones.


 Disc 1 (55:38 total)            Disc 2 (60:00 total)
 ##  Time  Tune (11 total)       ##  Time  Tune (13 total)
 01  3:39  Attract Movie         01  5:26  Area 5
 02  4:24  Game Select           02  4:57  Boss 5
 03  4:43  Opening Movie         03  4:44  Snow
 04  6:15  Area 1                04  5:36  Area 6
 05  5:02  Boss 1                05  4:55  Boss 6
 06  6:16  Area 2                06  5:53  Area 7
 07  4:29  Boss 2                07  5:11  Boss 7
 08  5:34  Area 3                08  3:45  Continue?
 09  4:41  Boss 3                09  3:24  Stage Clear
 10  5:31  Area 4                10  4:43  Ending Movie
 11  5:04  Boss 4                11  2:33  Heihachi & Paul
                                 12  4:44  Staff Roll
                                 13  4:09  Name Entry
 Disc 3 (70:29 total)
 ##  Time  Tune                  ##  Time  Tune (25 total)
 01  2:34  Area 1                13  3:00  Area 7
 02  1:45  Boss 1                14  1:56  Boss 7
 03  2:59  Area 2                15  0:43  Continue?
 04  2:53  Boss 2                16  0:30  Stage Clear
 05  3:47  Area 3                17  1:28  Ending Movie
 06  1:07  Boss 3                18  0:57  Name Entry
 07  3:26  Area 4                19  5:37  Objects & Forest
 08  2:34  Boss 4                20  5:27  Godlike Sea
 09  2:45  Area 5                21  5:38  Mountain Range
 10  2:08  Boss 5                22  5:34  Underground Building
 11  3:35  Area 6                23  4:26  Split Core
 12  2:01  Boss 6                24  2:29  Beautiful Space
                                 25  1:10  Thinking Coma

 Samen (Disc 1: 1,3,4,5) (Disc 2: 3,6,7,10,11,12) (Disc 3: 9,10)
 Sanodg (Disc 1: 10,11) (Disc 3: 7,8)
 To-yama (Disc 2: 8,9,13)
 Etsu Ishii (Disc 2: 4,5)
 Strongyoshie (Disc 2: 1,2)
 B.K.O. (Disc 1: 6,7)
 Linda AI - CUE (Disc 1: 8,9)
 T. Otsuka (Disc 1: 2)
 Xevious Music Masters
  (Disc 3: 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25)

Supervisor: Namco Limited
Executive Producer: Taku Kitahara (Wonder Spirits)
General Producer: Hiroyuki Kawada (Namco Limited)
Producer: Kazuhiro Nakamura (Namco Limited)
A&R Producer: Takamitsu Sato (Wonder Spirits)
Sales Promoter: Keizo Sumiyama (Wonder Spirits)
Manager: Kozue Asakura (Wonder Spirits)
Cover Designer: Sonoe Takigami
Special Thanks to: Xevious 3D/G+ Project (Namco Limited)
                   Toshiaki Fukunaga

Battle Combo Cards:

Aura Laye - Serial Number A13E2C
 Life:   17000
 Attack:   700
 Guard:   1000
 Combo:    100

GUMP (GAMP Core) - Serial Number A13E3D
 Life:   22000
 Attack:   600
 Guard:    400
 Combo:   1000

[5.3] Additional Reference

Xevious (Arcade) (1982)
 The original Xevious. It has been ahead of its time with its gameplay
 distinction between air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, and it is the
 first to use bitmapped graphics (which are still beautifully textured).
 The FC/NES version is also known as Xevious: The Avenger.

Super Xevious (Arcade) (1984)
 A more difficult version of the original Xevious. The gameplay, controls,
 and visual and audio effects are the same, but the difficulty is increased
 due to the new and more complex enemy patterns. The FC/NES version is
 also known as Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo.

Grobda (Arcade) (1984)
 An overhead action shooter whose main protagonist is Grobda, the tank from
 Xevious, and its hero uses a laser cannon and an energy shield system to
 battle enemies in obstacle-filled arenas. It is one of the first games to
 feature regenerating energy, splash damage, and movement-impeding wreckage.
 This game is not included in Xevious 3D/G+.

Solvalou (Arcade) (1991)
 A flight simulator version of the original Xevious. Played from the
 perspective of the pilot, this game has introduced 3D graphics to the
 series. The Solvalou here can launch multiple homing bombs at once, it
 can aim at ground targets with its Particle Zapper, and it has shields.
 This game is not included in Xevious 3D/G+.

Xevious Arrangement (Arcade) (1995)
 A heavily modified version of the original Xevious, appearing as a part
 of Namco Classics Collection Volume 1: Galaga, Xevious, Mappy. It features
 a simultaneous 2-Player Mode, Power-Ups, new level and enemy designs, and
 new music.

Xevious 3D/G (Arcade) (1996)
 An update of Xevious Arrangement. It features a simultaneous 2-Player Mode,
 a new weapon system, vastly improved level and enemy designs, 3D visuals
 (derived from those of Solvalou), and more new music.

Xevious 3D/G+ (PS) (1997)
 A compilation of various Xevious installments, including the original
 Xevious, Super Xevious, Xevious Arrangement, and Xevious 3D/G. It also
 has new prerendered Movies, most of which are added for Xevious 3D/G.

[5.4] Really Small Details That Just Ruin Eve's Day

Air or Ground?
 In the Attract Movie of Xevious 3D/G, you can see the Solvalou destroying
 a short building with its Particle Zapper, not its bombs. Why can't the
 heroes do that during actual gameplay?

So Is It Solvalou or Solvalous?
 How come there are two Solvalous in the Ending Movie of Xevious 3D/G? Sure,
 the game has a simultaneous 2-Player Mode, but the story never mentions
 anything about the heroes finding a second Solvalou. Then again, the game
 also never actually shows us the heroes, so who really gives a crap?

Tekken in Space?
 What is up with Heihachi and Paul appearing as secret characters here?
 Perhaps including the starfighters from other Namco games like Galaxian,
 Galaga, Star Luster, and Star Blade would have been far more meaningful.
 (Of course, the Xevious series is unrelated to this set of other games,
 whose stories are actually connected together.)

Ridge Racer in Space?
 While we are at it, we may as well ask why the game even bothers to support
 the NeGcon. Banking the Solvalou in place by using the Dial is so pointless,
 as fun as that is for a few moments.

High Score Celebrities?
 Ever wonder who exactly are the people whose names appear on the default
 High Score records? Well, here are brief descriptions of some of those guys:

 Masaya Nakamura ("M. Nakamura") - Xevious, 1st Rank, 40000 Points
  The president of Namco.

 Masanobu Endoh ("Evezoo End") - Xevious, 3rd Rank, 30000 Points
  The designer and programmer of Xevious.

 Shin-ichiro Okamoto ("S. Okamoto") - Xevious, 4th Rank, 25000 Points
  A Namco staff member.

 Shin-ichi Kojima ("S. Kojima") - Xevious, 5th Rank, 20000 Points
  A Namco staff member.

 Eve ("androidEVE") - Super Xevious, 1st Rank, 40000 Points
  A friend of Mu.

 Mio ("Mio Veetha") - Super Xevious, 4th Rank, 25000 Points
  A friend of Mu.

[5.5] Document Credits

Namco (www.namco.co.jp)
 For creating Xevious 3D/G+.

 For playing through the game and figuring out the best tactics.
 Extra thanks to Alex Round for actually authoring this document,
 finding the patch code for infinite Credits in Xevious Arrangement,
 and finding the game select shortcuts.

[6] Contact Information

 mail: faididi@yahoo.com