The Dark Crystal (Apple II) (1982), Gelfling Adventure (Apple II) (1984)

 The Dark Crystal Copyright 1982 Henson Associates and Sierra On-Line
 Gelfling Adventure Copyright 1984 Henson Associates and Sierra On-Line

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[0] Contents

[1] Overview
 [1.0] Game Version Differences
 [1.1] Story
 [1.2] Characters
 [1.3] Controls
 [1.4] Items
 [1.5] General Tips

[2] Strategies - The Dark Crystal
 [2.0] Prologue
 [2.1] Valley of Stones
 [2.2] Forests
 [2.3] Swamps
 [2.4] Forests Revisited
 [2.5] Wastelands
 [2.6] Castle
 [2.7] Epilogue

[3] Strategies - Gelfling Adventure
 [3.0] Prologue
 [3.1] Valley of Stones
 [3.2] Forests
 [3.3] Plains
 [3.4] Mountains
 [3.5] Forests Revisited
 [3.6] Castle
 [3.7] Epilogue

[4] Miscellaneous Information
 [4.1] TDC Quick Reference
  [4.1.1] Item Locations
  [4.1.2] Commands
  [4.1.3] Map
 [4.2] GA Quick Reference
  [4.2.1] Item Locations
  [4.2.2] Quick Moves List
 [4.3] urru-skeksis Parallels

[5] Reference
 [5.1] Game Source Information
 [5.2] Additional Reference
 [5.3] Really Small Details
 [5.4] Document Credits

[6] Contact Information

[1] Overview

 Henson Associates and Sierra's The Dark Crystal and Gelfling Adventure
 are both text adventures. They share the same graphics, but they are
 very different games.

[1.0] Game Version Differences

 - The Dark Crystal (TDC) uses a parser. It also contains several additional
 events and challenges that are not found in the film.

 - Gelfling Adventure (GA) uses multiple-choice menus. Its story is more
 faithful to that of the film, and it does not contain the extra puzzles
 that TDC has. To accommodate younger Players, GA is also far more linear
 and easier to finish.

[1.1] Story

   Long ago, the world was peaceful. The land grew under the power of the
 Crystal, and it flourished even more so when the urskeks came and built
 the brilliant Castle around the heart of the world. The pure light that
 shone forth from the Crystal was a testament to the harmony within it.

   However, the Great Conjunction came, and a piece of the Crystal was lost.
 Incomplete and ill, the Crystal became warped. A new darkness replaced the
 light, and its tainted energy corrupted the land. Balance fell in the wake
 of this chaos, and the life around the Castle withered away into a barren
 wasteland. Lying at the world's center was now the Dark Crystal.

   Shortly before the moment when the Crystal became broken, the urskeks also
 separated into two groups of beings: the urru and the skeksis. While the
 urru sought peace, the skeksis warred for power. Eventually, the urru were
 driven away, allowing the skeksis free reign over the Castle. Harnessing
 the might of the Dark Crystal, the skeksis ruled the land without mercy.

   Then came the Prophecy, declaring that a Gelfling would restore the
 Crystal to its original state and end the age of the dark lords. Upon
 learning of this, the skeksis sent forth their warriors, the terrifying
 Garthim, to eradicate the Gelfling. Their murderous goal seemingly achieved,
 the skeksis slept securely in the Castle, knowing that there was nothing
 left that could stop them.

   They were mistaken.

   Unknown to the skeksis, not every Gelfling was captured and killed.
 Within the Valley of Stones, a young, blue-haired child now sits alone
 by his favorite lake, quietly playing his pipe....

[1.2] Characters

 The urru and the skeksis are manifestations of the opposite aspects of the
 urskeks, and for every urru there is a corresponding skeksis. If one of
 the pair dies, the other also perishes. By the beginning of the story,
 there are ten urru and ten skeksis left.

[1.2.1] urru: The Mystics

 When the skeksis took control of the Castle, the urru were forced to flee,
 settling in the Valley of Stones, which resembled the home world of the
 urskeks. Practicing their ancient ceremonies, they now patiently wait for
 the next Great Conjunction and the day when the Prophecy will be fulfilled.

 Following the ways of the natural wizards, the kind and benevolent urru
 embody the gentle and harmonious side of the urskeks. They live off the
 land, and they treat living creatures as sacred. The Tree of Life is a
 central concept within their philosophy. urru patterns of thought, like
 those of the urskeks, are heavily influenced by the ideas of triangular
 relationships and the allegories of knotted spirals. Simplistic, overt
 dualities are alien to their ways of thinking.

urSu, the Master
 (operated by Brian Muehl, voiced by Brian Muehl)
 The eldest and the wisest of the remaining urru, who have raised Jen so
 the boy will be ready to undertake the quest. With the help of the other
 urru, urSu has tutored Jen in language and numbers, and he has taught Jen
 "all the shapes of kindness." urSu does not reveal the young Gelfling's
 destiny to him until the last few days before the Great Conjunction. urSu
 also chooses to die during this crucial moment to upset the balance of power
 among the skeksis, understanding that the death of the Emperor, even if it
 means his own, will afford Jen valuable time.

urZah, the Ritual Guardian
 (operated by Brian Muehl, voiced by Sean Barrett)
 The urru who has found Jen and taken him into the safety of the Valley
 of Stones. urZah preserves the ancient traditions of the urru, performing
 many arcane ceremonies and serving as a prophet. urZah speaks more than
 the others, but he often does so in riddles. Perhaps to reflect his deeply
 philosophical mind, thought spirals are found all over his body, not just
 on his head as with the other urru. While the urru carry prayer sticks
 and walking staves that incorporate skeksis symbols of aggression, urZah
 is also the only one who carries staves that do not have the points of
 those symbols bound.

urSol, the Chanter
 (operated by Simon Williamson)
 The one who records the stories of the urru in the songs he composes with
 his harp. This instrument, as well as the three-stringed lyre, are tuned
 by adjusting the number of weights that are attached to the cords. When
 the urru sing, their voices carry magical properties. urSol has two voices:
 one for speech, and a deeper one for song. According to urSol, music is
 the most powerful form of sculpture. So learned is he in the ways of the
 art that he can sing a single note that will cause all the stones in the
 Valley to resonate.

urIm, the Healer
 (operated by Dave Greenaway and Richard Slaughter)
 The caretaker of the group. urIm's knowledge of various medicines, ranging
 from herbs to acupuncture, is vast indeed, although the only music to which
 he pays attention is the art of the death trance. urIm's amulets serve as
 weights to prevent the urru from floating away as they sleep in the water
 of the hot mineral springs that abound in the Valley.

urTih, the Alchemist
 (operated by Toby Philpott)
 Believing that what is natural cannot be created or destroyed, urTih
 creates the potions and other chemicals used by his companions, and he
 also experiments much with changing the forms of substances. urTih is the
 one who has arranged the Standing Stones that establish a net of protective
 energy around the entire region, preventing the forces of the skeksis
 from intruding. The principles behind the workings of the Standing Stones
 actually parallel those of skekTek's light-trapping mirrors.

urYod (a.k.a. urRod), the Numerologist
 (operated by Robbie Barnett)
 An observer of the stars who keeps an accurate track of time with a highly
 effective system of strings and stones. According to urYod, the urru die if
 they cannot join their future with their past.

urAmaj, the Cook
 (operated by Hugh Spight)
 urNol's best friend. urAmaj prepares the simple, fresh meals for the group
 by stirring and simmering fruits and spices together.

urNol, the Herbalist
 (operated by Swee Lim)
 urAmaj's best friend. urNol's medicines are formed by the grinding of
 ingredients in large bowls. These ingredients range from bird feathers
 to the mosses and lichens taken from his favorite gardens near the
 Standing Stones.

urAc, the Scribe
 (operated by Hus Levant)
 The group's archivist. urAc transcribes the important thoughts of his fellow
 urru and composes their prayers on paper. His cryptic notes are full of
 great wisdom. urAc is also the one who makes the urru's prayer sticks.

urUtt, the Weaver
 (operated by Jean-Pierre Amiel)
 urUtt's elegant handicraft details the lives of his companions in beautiful
 designs and patterns. Each urru's blanket coat depicts his personal fate,
 as foretold by urZah.

[1.2.2] skeksis: The Lords of the Crystal

 These "Masters of the Dark Crystal" chose to rule the world when the
 Crystal was corrupted, slaying many of their opponents and forcing others
 into slavery or flight. Artificially extending their life spans by drawing
 energy from the Dark Crystal, the skeksis wait restlessly for the next
 Great Conjunction, hoping to see their power made eternal.

 In stark contrast to the friendly urru, the skeksis are malicious beings
 who are not afraid to employ any means to achieve their ends. Under their
 decadent garb, the skeksis are vile creatures with bodies as twisted as
 their minds. Even their behavior constantly reeks of hatred and contempt.
 The Fountain of Destruction is a central concept within their philosophy.

skekSo, The Emperor
 (voiced by Jerry Nelson)
 The supreme commander of the skeksis. skekSo promotes others only to take
 pleasure in seeing them fall when he withdraws his favors. The symbol on
 his scepter is rumored to invoke aggression in those who view it. This
 symbol represents the essence of the Garthim, resembling an outward-reaching
 abiranariba serpent, with an enlarged mouth that seeks to swallow the whole
 world, not its own tail. (The name, abiranariba, is a palindrome in English.)

skekZok, the Ritual Master
 (operated by Jim Henson, voiced by Jerry Nelson)
 The high priest. skekZok conjures false prophecies to further his own
 agenda. Interestingly enough, he seems content to remain in a position
 that is subservient to the Emperor (whoever it happens to be at the moment),
 gaining power by functioning as the sole channel between the other skeksis
 and their ruler.

skekSil, The Chamberlain
 (operated by Frank Oz, voiced by Barry Dennen)
 The whimpering skeksis who also happens to be skekUnz's most hated rival.
 In contrast to the Garthim Master, skekSil prefers more subtle and insidious
 methods of achieving his goals. He is quite ambitious, never hesitating to
 exploit any opportunity he sees. Even when he is later disgraced and cast
 out by the rest of the skeksis, he doesn't stop scheming. His treachery
 knows no bounds.

skekUnz (a.k.a. skekUng), the Garthim Master
 (operated by Dave Goelz, voiced by Michael Kilgarrif)
 The physically strongest of the skeksis. Whatever mercy and technique he
 lacks is made up for by brute force, as reflected by the necklace of bones
 that dangles around his neck. skekUnz commands the vicious Garthim, who
 form the core of the skeksis' forces. In the past, he gained satisfaction
 from literally tearing apart the bodies of the Gelfling. skekUnz carries
 a staff of power that expresses his might, much of which may be attributed
 to his surprising ability at assuming positions of geometric harmony.

skekTek, the Scientist
 (operated by Steve Whitmire, voiced by Steve Whitmire)
 The coldest and the most calculating of the skeksis who does not allow
 anything to obstruct his work. Perhaps skekTek's proudest achievement
 is the discovery of the method of focusing the Dark Crystal's light to
 suck the life essence out of any organism, rendering them mindless slaves
 in the process. This precious essence is then reserved for the Emperor,
 who consumes it to cheat the effects of age. skekTek also wears a monocle
 over his right eye. His missing left eye symbolizes his blindness toward
 the feelings of others.

skekShod, the Treasurer
 (operated by Tim Rose, voiced by Charles Collingwood)
 The keeper of the skeksis' ledgers. Not as skilled in speech as the others,
 skekShod is the least outspoken in the group. His avarice is unmatched, and,
 not surprisingly, bribery is his weapon of choice. skekShod's ruby-centered
 staff has once belonged to the Ritual Master.

skekAquk (a.k.a. skekAyuk), the Gourmand
 (operated by Louise Gold, voiced by Thick Wilson)
 The guy who fits the classic "evil fat bastard" role. skekAquk runs the
 kitchens, where he orders the slaves to create lavish feasts for himself
 and the other skeksis. He enjoys hot spices, sweet wine, and creamy sauces,
 and he likes boasting that his menu is different for every dinner.

skekNa, the Slave Master
 (operated by Mike Quinn, voiced by David Buck)
 The one who forces the victims of skekTek's life-draining process to care
 for the neverending demands of the skeksis. Most of the slaves are now
 Podlings, and skekNa has no qualms about torturing, maiming, or outright
 killing them. Unlike the others, skekNa does not bother to conceal his
 incredibly twisted intentions and is known to feed scraps of flesh to
 his fellow skeksis in between meals to suppress their perpetual hunger.

skekOk, the Scroll Keeper
 (operated by Bob Payne, voiced by John Baddeley)
 The spectacle-wearing historian and the smallest among the skeksis. With
 skekOk altering his text so the "past" better suits his changing allies,
 history is constantly lost in his hands.

skekEkt, the Ornamentalist
 (operated by Brian Muehl, voiced by Brian Muehl)
 The stereotypical pansy with the high-pitched voice, if you know what we
 mean and we think you do. skekEkt develops the cosmetics, consisting of
 dried blood and diamond powder, that are used by the group to hide the
 death showing under their skin. His talent as a decorator has some merit,
 even though each of his beautiful fabrics exacts the deaths of hundreds
 of creatures.

[1.2.3] Gelfling

 The name, Gelfling, is derived from ghel-lflainngk, which roughly translates
 to "those who live without knowledge of the future." Once forming a happy
 civilization, the Gelfling have been purged by the Garthim when the skeksis
 learnt of the Prophecy. Their home currently lies in ruins near the Podling
 village, and no one dares to go there anymore.

 The story centers around two Gelfling who have escaped the skeksis' wrath.

 (operated by Jim Henson, voiced by Stephen Garlick)
 The blue-haired kid protagonist of the story. Raised by urSu (whom he
 calls Master), Jen has been told that the skeksis killed his parents,
 his clan, and the rest of his race when he was an infant. Growing up
 under the teachings of the urru, he leads a simple life and enjoys playing
 his pipe by his favorite lake. Now, confronted with the Prophecy, Jen must
 leave what he has considered his home for nearly his entire life and journey
 into the unknown, braving unimaginable dangers to save the world.
   Let's face it. Jen's inexperience ought to get him killed many times,
 and he isn't much of a fighter. Fortunately, Jen has some brains, and his
 literacy will come in especially handy.

 (operated by Kathryn Mullen, voiced by Lisa Maxwell)
 Like Jen, this silver-haired child has lost her family to the skeksis when
 she was very young, but she has been raised instead by Podlings. Thus, she
 has learnt to speak with the flora and fauna around her. She easily gets
 along with others, and she has many friends in the forests where she is
 growing up.
   Unlike Jen, Kira is sure of herself, knows how to fight off bad guys
 (she always carries a sling or two), and has an acute sense of danger.
 Jen is practically dead meat without Kira, and he will really come to
 appreciate her when she joins up with him.

[1.2.4] Other Good Guys

Fizzgig, the Friendly Monster
 (operated by Dave Goelz, voiced by Percy Edwards)
 Kira's strange pet. Appearing to be a white, furry ball with a tail, two
 paws, and a mouth lined with double rows of sharp teeth, Fizzgig likes to
 follow her everywhere.

Aughra, the Keeper of Secrets and the Watcher of the Heavens
 (operated by Frank Oz, voiced by Billie Whitelaw)
 The first and only member of her race, born from the rocks and trees long
 before memory. Well over two thousand trine old, she has witnessed two
 Great Conjunctions. During the first, she lost an eye. During the second,
 she personally saw the breaking of the Crystal. Although Aughra maintained
 contact with both the urru and the skeksis for a period of time, she
 eventually secluded herself in her observatory, where she remains at
 the present. From there, she studies the stars and the planets, waiting
 for the Chosen One who is destined to seek out the Shard in her possession.
   Aughra has been betrayed by skekTek in the past, and she continues
 to harbor an intense hatred against him and the other skeksis. Although
 her age has made her wary and untrusting of everyone (except the urru,
 whom she still respects), Aughra hopes too that the Prophecy will be
   In the future, Aughra will record her vast and ancient learnings in
 the Book of Aughra. Her seal is a schematized version of the symbol
 of the Great Conjunction.

Podlings, the Master Gardeners
 (voiced by Mike Iveria, Patrick Monckton, Sue Wetherby, and Barry Dennen)
 The name, Podling, is a convenient term for apopiapoipidiappididiapipoh,
 which translates to the "master gardeners who live in bulging plants."
 The Podlings are stout forest folk who live in harmony with the earth,
 farming their food and building their villages in seed pods.

Landstriders, the Forest Runners
 (operated by Robbie Barnett, Swee Lim, and Hugh Spight)
 Being large quadrupeds covered in white hair, Landstriders can move swiftly
 and deliver crushing blows with their long, powerful legs. They tend to
 wander through the forests in packs, feeding on vegetation. Although they
 are peaceful by nature, they are very capable of defending themselves should
 the need ever arise.

 (voiced by Joseph O'Coner)
 The great beings that now exist separately as the urru and the skeksis.
 The urskeks are not native to this world, having arrived through the
 Crystal during the first Great Conjunction that Aughra has observed.
 The eighteen urskeks who came are heretics from their own world, being
 cast out for their desire to burn away the impurities within themselves.
 Not able to use the Crystal at their home world, they have come to use
 the one here, building the Castle around the Great Shaft so they can
 better study the Crystal, along with the effects of the triple suns.
 Unfortunately, even the urskeks' divine-like powers are not infinite,
 and they have failed to foresee how their experiment would unexpectedly
 divide them and lead to the corruption of the Crystal.
   Of all the urskeks, TekTih was the closest to Aughra, teaching her most
 of what she learnt from them. TekTih also designed the Great Observatory
 for her, so Aughra could study the stars on her own.

[1.2.5] Other Bad Guys

Garthim, the Dread Servants of Destruction
 Resembling gigantic crustaceans, these monsters terrify their enemies with
 their size, their menacing claws, and, of course, their eerie little eyes.
 For creatures that large, the Garthim can move surprisingly fast with their
 tentacle-like feet, and their black carapaces offer durable protection
 against all but the strongest of blows.
   The Garthim are created from the skeksis' memories of the sea creatures on
 the urskeks' home world. Within the hollow shells of the Garthim are gaseous
 manifestations of the Dark Crystal's powers, as these warriors only "live"
 to serve their lords.

Crystal Bats, the Eyes of the Dark Crystal
 The name, Crystal Bats, is a convenient term for xahgniathanor, which
 translates into "skin-winged night-fliers." Named so for the spheres of
 black artificial crystal at where their heads should be, the Crystal Bats
 serve as the scouts for the skeksis. While they don't actually fight,
 anything they view through their spying crystals is magically displayed
 in the Dark Crystal, allowing their masters to see what they see. These
 winged nightmares have also been selectively bred, becoming able to fly
 during the day as well as during the night.

[1.2.6] Others

The Crystal
 The heart of the world. Said to be a source of balance, its power affects
 the land and the life around it. When the Crystal was broken, it turned
 into the Dark Crystal. Jen's goal is to restore the Crystal before the
 next Great Conjunction occurs.

The Triple Suns
 The Great Sun is the largest and the brightest. The Rose Sun resembles a
 pale (if still very intense) flame. The Dying Sun shines with a light that
 appears darkened relative to those of the other two. The term, trine, is
 a translation of antep, which means one cycle of the Great Sun.

Lesser Conjunction
 An event where two of the suns, but not all three, line up in the sky.
 The Dying Sun is usually one of the pair.

Great Conjunction
 An event where the three suns line up in the sky, which will always be
 over the Crystal, overlapping one another and forming an intense beam of
 light that shines directly onto the Crystal. A Great Conjunction occurs
 every one thousand trine. The burning light from the very first one has
 been responsible for creating the Great Shaft and revealing the Crystal.

The Prophecy
 Seen by seven Gelfling sages, the Prophecy states that a Gelfling will heal
 the Dark Crystal and end skeksis rule. It is recorded on the Wall of Destiny,
 a stone carving that lies within what is now the Gelfling ruins. Careful
 observation will reveal that the carving has been created by a process
 involving intense heat, not the blunt force of physical tools.

The Castle
 A magnificent building with walls formed of crystal that grows naturally out
 from the ground. The state of the Castle and its surroundings mirrors that
 of the Crystal floating inside, above the Great Shaft. By the beginning of
 the story, the once-shining crystalline surfaces of the Castle are crusted
 over with a black mineral, a symbol of the Crystal's corruption.

The Valley of Stones
 A quiet location where the urru have found refuge. The caves along the sides
 of the Valley's walls now serve as their homes. The urru believe that the
 rocks here have special, magical properties, and they perform their rituals
 over the many formations seen in the area.

 A process of communicating thoughts and feelings through making direct
 physical contact. The most common method of achieving dreamfasting is
 to hold hands, but it supposedly can also be performed with things that
 are normally considered inanimate.

Trial of Stone
 A skeksis contest of power where the participants attempt to break a
 Haakskeekah Stone with swords. Whoever lops off the largest piece is
 the victor.

[1.3] Controls

[1.3.1] TDC Controls

 TDC is played with a parser interface. Compared to several other
 text adventures, TDC contains many more keywords that can be used.

[] General Movement

 These are Kira and Jen's basic movement commands. As a shortcut, just
 enter the first letter of the direction toward which they should go.
 Most of the time they will only be moving in the four cardinal points,
 but in certain situations they will also be able to climb UP or DOWN.

 Jen can scale a few structures here and there. Simply entering UP or DOWN
 does the same thing, so the CLIMB keyword by itself is kind of useless.

CLIMB [object]
 Jen can haul his ass up onto certain things with this.

GO [structure]
 This is often too vague for the game to understand, but it can come
 in handy during certain events. Use this command to get Kira and
 Jen to head toward something very specific (for example, GO DOOR).

 Like GO, this is not used a lot, but it is sometimes required when the game
 doesn't offer a clear direction of escape for Jen. (There is at least one
 scene where Jen must simply RUN to survive.)

 Kira and Jen can jump onto mounts with this.

 Kira and Jen can leap off from places with this.

JUMP [object]
 Some things are pretty big, especially for a Gelfling, but Jen can leap
 onto them from an adjacent ledge.

RIDE [thing]
 Kira and Jen will have to RIDE various things during their adventure,
 and not all of them are necessarily animals.

SIT [structure]
 Kira and Jen can rest on certain objects.

 Use this to get our heroes back on their feet after having them sit.

 This command is totally useless for Jen. It will only remind you that
 hanging around with Kira is a lot more fun.

 Jen doesn't know kung fu, and he doesn't know how to dance that well,
 either. Still, he can always try. This command can be used only during
 a certain scene.

 Kira has a lovely voice, and she sounds like an angel when she sings.
 The same does not hold true for Jen, and that is why he should stick
 with his pipe. This command can be used only during a certain scene.

 Pick one of these choices when Jen is prompted to make a decision.
 You can piss off the game by entering something else, but then
 the game will start to insult your intelligence.

[] Senses

 Entering LOOK without any other keyword gives a general description of the
 area. The first time Jen walks into a new location, he will automatically
 do this. Afterward, the description will not be given again unless this
 command is entered.

LOOK [object]
 Sometimes Jen can observe more closely an item he is carrying or an item
 located next to him. This is very helpful when he wants to check an object
 for any special features.

HEAR/LISTEN [object]
 Put those ears to good use with this command. Jen can pay better attention
 to his surroundings and other characters by carefully listening.

SMELL/SNIFF [object]
 Jen can practice his olfactory skills for fun. Using his nose is not
 required to finish the game, but doing so may reveal extra details.

TASTE [object]
 Even funnier than the SMELL command, this one lets Jen run his tongue over
 anything he finds during his adventure.

[] Character Interaction

TALK/SPEAK [character]
 Jen should take the opportunity to talk to friendly people he encounters. He
 can also try talking to objects, but he usually won't get much of a response.

KISS [character]
 Is Jen a good kisser? Find out with this command.

 Jen can't fight, but he is pretty good at screaming. Make him call for
 help with these variations of the same command. (Entering SAVE by itself
 makes Jen request assistance, not record his progress.)

[] Object Interaction

 Jen can see what he is carrying with this command. (Strangely enough,
 entering INVENTORY does nothing.) If the list continues past the
 text display area, press Return to keep scrolling down.

TAKE/GET/GRAB [object]
 Jen reaches out and picks up stuff with this command. Usually he can carry
 only small items. (His tunic doesn't have big pockets.) He must be able to
 see an item before he can attempt to grab it.

DROP [object]
 Conversely, Jen can leave behind goods he is carrying. This command probably
 won't be used at all, because there is never any time in the game when Jen
 must ditch something.

USE [object]
 This generic command is too vague to be of much use, but in some cases Jen
 can simply USE an object and he will perform the appropriate task with it.

OPEN [object]
 Jen opens up doors, bags, and other things with this. Certain objects
 cannot be opened until they are unlocked.

TURN [object]
 If Kira and Jen can't push a heavy object, they can at least try turning it.

CUT/SCRATCH [object]
 Doing this shouldn't be too hard... with the right tools. If he has the
 proper equipment, Jen can cut off things that may come in handy later.

DIG [target]
 Jen can dig up stuff, providing he has the means. If the object for Jen
 to dig isn't specified, he will tear up the ground by default.

SEND [object/target]
 This is a complicated command. Kira and Jen can send something toward
 certain structures, but this takes two lines of input to work. The
 first time SEND is entered, pair the command with the thing to deliver
 (the direct object). The second time, enter SEND again but pair it
 with the target where the thing is to be delivered (the indirect object).

EAT/CHEW [object]
 Jen doesn't need to feed to survive in the game, but having extra commands
 never hurts.

 Jen knows how to play his pipe well. Although his musical instrument
 is called a pipe in the film, the game recognizes it only as a FLUTE.

[] Game System

 Enter this to record Kira and Jen's progress. A total of 15 Save Files
 (A to O) can be created on the Save Disk.

 Enter this to resume Kira and Jen's progress, using data from a Save File.

(View Text)
 Press Return without entering a command to remove the graphics panel, so
 a short history of the previously displayed text can be viewed. This is
 useful for going over recent details that may have been skipped by mistake.
 Press Return again without entering a command to bring back up the graphics
 panel. (The graphics panel is automatically redrawn whenever Kira and Jen do
 something to alter it, such as moving an object or going to another area.)

[1.3.2] GA Controls

 GA is played with a multiple-choice interface.

Cycle Key (Space) - Cycle downward through the available choices.

Confirm Key (Return) - Press this to select the currently highlighted choice.

View Text Key (Left Arrow) - Review the description of the scene.
 Press any Key to return to the Choice Menu.

[1.4] Items

 These are only the objects that Kira and Jen can bring along with them.
 "Required" refers to whether the listed item is necessary to finish
 the game.

[1.4.1] TDC Items

Item: Jen's Pipe
Keyword: FLUTE
Function: PLAY
Location: Old Tree North of the Standing Stones
Required: no
 Jen's unique musical instrument. Branching into two parts, this simple,
 well-crafted pipe can be used to play a wide range of notes. Although this
 is called a pipe in the film, the game recognizes it only as a FLUTE.

Item: Hook
Keyword: HOOK
Function: USE
Location: On the Scepter
Required: yes
 Jen can use this to activate special switches.

Item: Castle Key
Keyword: KEY
Function: USE
Location: Behind the Gate Bars (Triangle Door)
Required: yes
 This opens the bars blocking off a door to the Labyrinth.

Item: Lily Pad
Keyword: PAD
Function: RIDE, USE
Location: Pond in the West Forests
Required: yes
 Jen can use this to float across certain rivers or streams.

Item: Pouch
Keyword: POUCH
Function: OPEN
Location: Under the Shell by the River
Required: no
 This contains Smoke Seeds.

Item: skeksis Scepter
Keyword: SCEPTER
Function: LOOK
Location: Throne Chamber in the North Castle Halls
Required: yes
 Jen can use the Hook at the end of this item to do something else.

Item: Smoke Seeds
Keyword: SEEDS
Function: THROW
Location: Inside the Pouch
Required: no
 These can blind the Garthim, making escape easier. For gameplay purposes,
 the Pouch contains infinite Seeds. However, they cannot be used during
 certain encounters with the Garthim.

Item: Sharp Shale
Keyword: SHALE
Function: DIG, CUT
Location: Shale Cliff East of Jen's Lake
Required: yes
 This comes in handy when Jen needs to get down and dirty. It can be used
 to dig up or cut free other items.

Item: Crystal Shard
Keyword: SHARD
Function: USE
Location: Great Observatory
Required: yes
 The missing piece of the Crystal.

Item: Kira's Sling
Keyword: SLING
Function: HURL
Location: Old Tree in the Central Forests
Required: no
 One of Kira's slings may be acquired by Jen in the game. This is supposedly
 indispensable for keeping Crystal Bats out of the heroes' way, but in the
 game they don't seem to serve any purpose. If Jen tries hurling it, he will
 always miss because he sucks. Leave the slinging to Kira and have Jen stick
 with running.

[1.4.2] GA Items

Item: Crystal Shard
Location: Great Observatory
Required: yes
 The missing piece of the Crystal.

Item: Gold Key
Location: Old Tree North of the Standing Stones
Required: yes
 This is an old key used to unlock certain doors in the Castle.

Item: Jen's Pipe
Location: Jen begins with this
Required: no
 Jen's unique musical instrument. Branching into two parts, this simple,
 well-crafted pipe can be used to play a wide range of notes.

Item: Kira's Sling
Location: Kira begins with this
Required: no
 Jen doesn't actually pick this up himself, but he can see Kira use it
 during one scene.

Item: Storm Stones
Location: Dry Spot in the Forests
Required: no
 These mysterious pebbles appear to summon storms, but Jen never seems
 to get a chance to use these.

[1.5] General Tips

 - Check out the film on which these games are based. While TDC has some
 extra puzzles where no amount of movie-watching can really help, seeing
 the flick at least once will make the rest of the obstacles easier to beat.
 GA can be finished with far greater ease, but viewing the film can still
 cut down on the pain and agony Jen will face.

 - Jen should never attempt to fight enemies. When he meets Garthim without
 any serious means of defense, he should run like hell. If possible, he
 should also use special items and exploit his surroundings to aid his escape.

 - The forests make up much of the world. While strolling amid the trees,
 Kira and Jen may be spotted by a Crystal Bat on patrol. When that happens
 and they don't lose the Bat, Garthim will swarm in after our heroes move
 across a few more areas. (This applies only to TDC. GA's Crystal Bat
 encounters are scripted to match those of the movie.)

 - Successfully evading Garthim is random if Kira and Jen simply run (either
 with the N, S, W, E, or RUN command). The lesson here? Save. Save frequently.
 Back up every two Saves with another Save. (This applies only to TDC.
 GA's Garthim encounters are scripted to match those of the movie.)

 - Unless doing so is dangerous, Jen should explore his surroundings as much
 as possible before moving ahead. Many important items take some searching
 to uncover, and Kira and Jen can't always backtrack to old areas.

 - TDC's parser handles up to only two words at a time. The first is often
 a verb, and the second is often a direct object (but there are exceptions).
 Treating direct objects as singular is usually fine. For instance, entering
 CLIMB ROCK will work, even if there are many rocks onto which Jen can climb.

 - In TDC, do not save if the heroes are in danger. Saving while, say, Jen is
 facing some Garthim is not a good idea.

 - If it's Game Over, the game can return to the beginning or end itself.

[2] Strategies - The Dark Crystal

"Another world, another time, in an age of wonder...."
                -- the opening lines to The Dark Crystal

[2.0] Prologue

 Unknown to Jen at the moment, the skeksis are preparing to see their
 reign forever established. Although the Great Conjunction is only a
 matter of days away, they aren't taking any chances and have boosted
 their Crystal Bat patrols. The failing health of their Emperor isn't
 making any of them feeling less edgy, either.

 Our hero, saddened over his Master's ailing condition, sits by his favorite
 spot, gazing toward the horizon. For some reason, he has lost his pipe.
 Oh well. At least he isn't nekkid.


 After Disk 1 Side A is loaded, instructions shall be given to switch to the
 other side of the disk.

 Load Disk 1 Side B to begin the game.


[2.1] Valley of Stones

[2.1.1] Jen's Lake

 As soon as Jen tries to do anything, urZah, the Ritual Guardian, appears
 to tell him that his Master, urSu, is dying and wishes to speak with him.
 Naturally, Jen will want to go WEST toward the caves where his Master is,
 but first he should take a short trip to the EAST.

[2.1.2] Shale Cliff

 Jen can't climb the loose rocks to the east (the shale comes apart pretty
 easily), but he can pick up a piece of that sharp rock with the command
 TAKE SHALE. Jagged, nasty rock in hand, Jen should now return WEST.

 Continue WEST, past the Lake, past the circle of the Standing Stones, onto
 the cliff overlooking the Valley, and into the cave. Inside the dark tunnel,
 the path continues NORTH into the wise urru's room.

[2.1.3] urSu's Cave

 Here, Jen finds his Master, straining to get up to talk to him. Obviously,
 Jen should TALK URSU. With his last breath, urSu goes into a long story made
 short, telling Jen to find Aughra so he can get the Crystal Shard and heal
 the Dark Crystal with it. He also mentions a riddle, about something over
 which the Sun Brothers are quarreling, that Jen must solve before he can
 enter the Great Observatory, where Aughra resides. After that, he dies.
 Jen can LOOK BOWL to see an image of the Shard before leaving to the SOUTH.
 (If Jen screws around too much before visiting his Master, urSu will die.
 However, Jen can still finish the quest.)

[2.1.4] Back Outside - Old Tree

 Now is a good time to save.

 Jen should head EAST until he reaches the Standing Stones, where he can LOOK
 to see that the shadows are pointing northward. He can follow them and go
 NORTH, where he will stand before an Old Tree. Here, Jen should DIG at the
 ground with his Shale. He must have dropped his pipe here, because he will
 uncover his instrument. TAKE FLUTE to pick up the pipe.

 Jen has done all he can at his home. He should leave to the NORTH, moving
 past the Old Tree, where he makes like a fool and falls down into the
 dangerous forest.

[2.2] Forests

[2.2.1] Forests

 Jen's life is in constant peril now, and it is not from the chattering
 fauna and flora. The Crystal Bats are on patrol, and encountering one
 will definitely result in some unwanted Garthim death squads.

 Going here from the Old Tree, Jen should find himself in the southwest
 corner of the forest. He should find a small pond just to the NORTH.

[2.2.2] Small Lily Pad Pond

 Here, Jen meets a frog-like creature sitting on one of the many large
 lily pads floating on the peaceful water. If he tries to take a pad, he
 will whine about the pad having a thick stem he can't tear off. Instead,
 he should whip out that dirty Shale and CUT PAD. As soon as he does, he
 automatically takes it with him. (Maybe he folds it up and stuffs it in
 his body cavity.) Don't bother coming back for more pads, because the
 rest have stems that are too tough for the Shale to slice apart.

 TALK FLOWER here for a tip regarding the next part. Then, from this pond,
 go EAST.

[2.2.3] Whispering Brook

 Jen will now stop by a small brook, where he can take a drink and wash
 his face. Noticing how the stream seems to be "talking," he should
 LISTEN BROOK or LISTEN WATER. The water will "stutter," rattling off
 a series of Es and Ns (E-E-E-EN, N-N-NEN). These are actually directions
 Jen can take to reach Aughra (if he moves in the directions indicated by
 the letters, starting from here). Go EAST again.

[2.2.4] Forest Wall

 Normally, thick plant growth at this location prevents Jen from continuing
 to the EAST, but if he has bothered to hear out the waters of the brook
 to the west, the growth will part and reveal a new path. Before he goes,
 Jen should take a quick detour to the NORTH if he wants a pleasant surprise.

[2.2.5] Central Forests - Another Old Tree

 Jen wanders up to this old tree. The flora here isn't too different from
 the rest, but a Sling is lying here for some strange reason. After Jen
 TAKE SLING, he can LOOK SLING and see that it must be made by hands
 similar to his. Unknown to him at this moment, this is a sample of
 Kira's handiwork. Unfortunately, Jen sucks at using slings, so even
 if he HURL SLING or THROW SLING, he won't hit any Crystal Bats.

[2.2.6] Spiral Rock

 If Jen hasn't figured out the answer to the Sun Brothers riddle yet, he
 should explore the northern parts of the forest to find a rock covered
 with Gilyak Moss. (It is NORTH of the Gelfling Ruins, between the Podling
 Village and the pack of Landstriders. Load Disk 2 Side A to get there.)

 Jen can CUT MOSS, scratching away the patch of plant life with his jagged
 Shale. (After he removes the Gilyak Moss, Jen can see the nearby creature
 feeding on it if he LOOK CREATURE.) Hidden underneath the moss is a spiral
 carved onto the rock. If Jen merely LOOK SPIRAL, he will not find anything
 special. However, if he STARE SPIRAL, he falls into a trance, experiencing
 a vision that reveals the answer to the Sun Brothers riddle.

 Before any Crystal Bats can come, hurry back to the SOUTH, returning to the
 forest wall and then moving EAST into new territory.

[2.2.7] Dark Forests

 Jen may have been spotted by Crystal Bats, and if that is the case, he
 has no choice but to sprint toward the EAST. If he runs into the Garthim,
 he should continue EAST without stopping or simply try to RUN.

 Eventually, Jen should hit a corner and be forced to turn NORTH. He should
 continue NORTH until he stops in front of a muddy river.

[2.2.8] Mud River

 Lugging that Lily Pad around isn't such a bad idea now, is it? Jen
 can RIDE PAD or USE PAD to float across the mud on his makeshift raft.
 Unfortunately, before he can catch the Pad when he leaves it, it will
 float away. Nuts.

 A Crystal Bat will always be waiting at the other side to sight Jen,
 and Jen has no choice but to continue NORTH.

[2.3] Swamps

[2.3.1] Murky Swamps

 Now is a good time to save.

 Jen will get knee-deep in the muck soon enough. He should head EAST from
 here, toward some suspicious-looking vines. (Going west will cause him
 to get stuck and die, so he should avoid that path for now.)

[2.3.2] Mountains - Vines

 The vines are actually a part of Aughra's security system. Wrapping
 themselves around him, the vines leave Jen dangling about helplessly.
 Jen should struggle by trying to move around (just enter various commands),
 until Aughra's hand juts forward, holding her single eye toward him.
 (Jen can try biting into the plants with the command EAT VINE for fun.)

 When the arm and the eye appear, Jen should TALK BEING. (He can TALK EYE
 first, but eventually he will have to TALK BEING.) Aughra will ask Jen if
 he knows the answer to the Sun Brothers riddle (the one about over what the
 Sun Brothers are fighting). Say YES. (Saying NO will lead to death.) Next,
 she will ask him to solve it. The answer is MOON DAUGHTER. (This answer can
 be learnt by staring at the rock with the spiral in the northern parts of
 the forest.)

 Aughra will cackle and order the vines to drop Jen. Before Jen can do
 anything, she goes, and Jen is automatically compelled to follow her.

[2.3.3] Great Observatory

 Jen enters the Keeper of Secrets' home, where she asks him what he wants.
 He should answer with SHARD or CRYSTAL SHARD. Then, she will show him
 four different crystal shards, all similar in appearance except color.

 The trick here is to remember the power of the urru's songs and
 to PLAY FLUTE. The magical music will resonate with the BLUE SHARD,
 indicating that it is indeed the missing piece of the Dark Crystal.
 TAKE BLUE to obtain it.

 After Jen picks up the Shard, he has a little time left before some fun
 begins. He can TALK AUGHRA and watch her reactions. Soon enough, the mighty
 Garthim will break into the dome, grabbing Aughra. Jen should immediately
 GO WINDOW. (Forget Aughra. Jen doesn't stand a chance against the bad guys.)
 He will wind up in the swamps below again, with the Great Observatory behind
 him in flames.

[2.3.4] Swamp of the Black River - Swamp Pit

 From the swamp at where he lands, Jen should head SOUTH once, back to where
 he has been earlier. This time, turn WEST. (If he goes EAST back to the
 vines, he won't escape a second time and dies.)

 Taking that step west, Jen sinks into a deep pit. With nothing he can use
 to pull out himself, Jen is pretty much stuck. However, he sees a slender
 figure accompanied by something else, hiding in the bushes. With a command
 of HELP or SAVE, Jen should cry out for aid.

[2.3.5] Kira

 The partially hidden person steps forth and helps Jen out from certain death.
 Jen finally meets Kira, his better half, and her weird little pet, Fizzgig.
 After introducing themselves, Kira and Fizzgig will join Jen on his quest.


 Load Disk 2 Side A to continue while Jen keeps staring at hot Kira.


[2.4] Forests Revisited

[2.4.1] Black River

 Now is a good time to save.

 With the swamps behind them, Kira and Jen stumble onto a large beetle-like
 shell lying next to a river. Not being able to swim across the strong
 currents, they should figure out how to use the shell. Nope, MOVE SHELL
 won't accomplish anything, but trying so yields a hint. Got it yet?
 Try TURN SHELL. Kira and Jen can flip the damn thing over with their
 combined efforts.

 Under the shell is a mysterious, tiny pouch. If Kira and Jen TAKE POUCH,
 OPEN POUCH, and then LOOK POUCH, they will discover that it contains some
 Smoke Seeds. The kids can use these against the Garthim later.

 The next thing to do is RIDE SHELL. The heroes will ride happily
 along with the flow, down south toward Kira's home.

[2.4.2] Podling Village

 After the pleasant river excursion, Jen follows Kira to her home
 among the Podlings. The people are nice, the food is great, and
 the music ain't bad. Jen can TALK PODLING to learn more about his
 hosts. If he hasn't already, Jen should TALK KIRA and TALK FIZZGIG.
 He can also try to SING or DANCE for fun. Hey, is that a Crystal Bat
 up there?

 Damn right. After a while, the Garthim will pour in and wreak havoc. If the
 heroes have the Smoke Seeds, they should THROW SEEDS. The ensuing clouds
 of smoke will blind the bad guys, allowing Kira, Jen, and Fizzgig to run
 away to the east. (If they don't have the Seeds, they will simply have
 to try running to the WEST or EAST, but there is a much higher chance
 of getting caught.)

[2.4.3] Forests

 After our heroes escape, they can wander the forest a bit. (This is the
 best time to explore the game world and to check out all the different
 graphics of Kira, Jen, and Fizzgig travelling together. On an additional
 note, if the kids go to the spiral rock, it won't be covered with moss,
 even if Jen hasn't visited it earlier.) When they are ready, the kids
 should go southwest of the Podling Village, toward the Ruins.

[2.4.4] Gelfling Ruins - Wall of Destiny

 This part goes really out of whack with the film, but bear with it. See
 those two nice, flat stones? Get Kira and Jen to SIT ROCK or JUMP ROCK.
 Their weight will cause something to happen to the wall. (Actually, Jen
 can trigger this switch by himself if he visits this place before meeting
 Kira.) Jen can put his few skills to good use if he READ SYMBOL or

 Our heroes supposedly figure out from the inscriptions on the wall that the
 Shard must be joined back with the Dark Crystal, but seeing how Master urSu
 has already told Jen about the Prophecy near the beginning of the game,
 visiting the Ruins for that purpose is kind of pointless. However, they
 can find an extra clue here that will help later for an added puzzle.
 One of the symbols is a triangle inscribed within a circle. Remember that.

 When the kids try to leave, they will meet skekSil, the Chamberlain, who
 sneaks out from the shadows. He beckons for the kids to follow him to
 the south, but that is obviously a trap. What they should do is run away
 to the NORTH and WEST, where they will stumble into more of Kira's friends.

[2.4.5] Landstriders

 Accompanied by Kira, Jen can now climb onto these creatures with the
 command RIDE LANDSTRIDER or JUMP ON. Hanging on tightly, the heroes
 should head for the Castle. Ride WEST toward the dry brushlands.
 (If they head back into the forests, the heroes will dismount.)

[2.5] Wastelands

[2.5.1] Brushland

 The arid, dry landscapes here offer little of interest. The kids should
 continue WEST.

[2.5.2] Chasm

 Now is a good time to save.

 The chasm stretches north and south, preventing Gelfling from strolling
 right over onto the wastelands. Because Kira and Jen are on Landstriders
 now, that won't be a problem. Simply go WEST, and the mounts shall leap
 gracefully over to the other side.

[2.5.3] Desert Wastelands

 There is nothing to see in the dead heat here, so the kids should
 keep moving WEST and a bit to the SOUTH. After a while, the dreaded
 Castle will loom into view. Go there.

[2.5.4] Castle Exterior - Main Entrance

 The Garthim intercept the Landstriders, and a bloody battle ensues. The
 heroes will get knocked off and scramble to the cliff edge. The Garthim
 will eventually beat the crap out of the Landstriders, and then they will
 corner the kids. To escape, Kira and Jen should JUMP OFF the cliff.

 Kira pops out her little wings and floats down. Unlike in the film,
 unfortunately, she forgets to tell Jen to hold onto her. Jen can keep
 himself from turning into butt sauce if he GRAB KIRA or HOLD KIRA.


 Load Disk 2 Side B to continue while the Garthim above raise their claws
 in anger.


[2.6] Castle

[2.6.1] Dry Moat - Teeth of Skreesh

 The two will land within a small, barren trench that rings around the
 Castle. There are two entrances into the interior: one at the south end
 (where Kira and Jen land), and one at the north end. Each door is framed
 by a monster-shaped head with a symbol at the top. The south entrance has
 a Y-shaped icon, while the north entrance has a triangular icon. Recognize
 the latter icon from the inscriptions back at the Ruins? Move WEST or EAST
 to loop around to the north side. This is the only door the kids can open
 here, after a little work.

 A gate consisting of sturdy metal bars blocks off each door (with the bars
 resembling the teeth of the stone heads). The south entrance is bolted shut
 for good, but there is a small opening in the north gate. Enter the command
 SEND FIZZGIG, and then enter SEND BARS. Fizzgig will scurry through the gate.
 Enter any other command, and the fuzzy guy will come back with the Castle Key
 in his mouth. Now, the kids can USE KEY, OPEN BARS, and then GO DOOR.

[2.6.2] Labyrinth

 Now is a good time to save.

 The heroes will enter the tunnels below the Castle from the north door.
 To the east is a dead end, and the door at the south will still be locked,
 even from the inside. The heroes should move WEST and SOUTH, where they
 will find an old acquaintance.

 skekSil dashes in, grabs Kira and Fizzgig, and then drops a ton of rocks
 onto Jen. Crap. With no other way to go, Jen should move SOUTH. (He will
 automatically dig his way out from the rocks.)

[2.6.3] Garthim Pit

 After taking a few steps away from the rocks, Jen falls into the home of
 the Garthim. He should simply RUN to survive. By sheer chance, a Garthim
 misses and strikes the rock wall behind Jen. Fortune smiles upon him, for
 the blow has busted open a hole. Without question, Jen should GO HOLE.

[2.6.4] Great Shaft - Lake of Fire and skekTek's Laboratory

 Jen is now clinging onto the sides of the Great Shaft, the large vertical pit
 below the Dark Crystal. Jen should go UP or CLIMB UP. He should not GO HOLE,
 or else the Garthim will kill him as soon as he returns to their pit.

 Up at the top will be skekTek's lab, or what's left of it. Jen will
 find Aughra tied up. He can HELP AUGHRA to set her free, and he can
 TALK AUGHRA to have her yell at him. (She yells at Jen some more
 if he tries to HELP AUGHRA again.) Jen should go EAST to enter
 the Main Hall of the Castle.

[2.6.5] Main Hall

 Before Jen can stroll right up to the Dark Crystal, he hears footsteps
 coming from the north. He'd better go SOUTH. Now the footsteps are catching
 up, but the Hall has ended. Two doors branch off to the sides. He should
 escape to the WEST. (Going east now is not good for his health.)

[2.6.6] Closet

 Jen dashes into a dark closet just in time. This small room is used to store
 the skeksis' heavy, elaborate garb, and the shadows do well to conceal our
 terrified hero. The skeksis outside turn east into the other room. Jen can't
 accomplish anything else in here, so he should exit EAST, back out into the
 Main Hall. The Hall is empty now, so he can take his time to explore it.

[2.6.7] Dining Hall

 Now is a good time to save.

 From the Main Hall's south end, Jen should carefully sneak EAST, checking
 out where the bad guys have gone. It turns out they've entered the Dining
 Hall, where they are holding their last feast before the Great Conjunction.
 At least Kira isn't hacked up and being served here.

 If Jen GO CURTAIN, he will manage to hide behind the heavy drapery and
 eavesdrop on the skeksis. He eventually hears one of them mentioning some
 sort of secret panel in a tower. With this important knowledge in mind, Jen
 will automatically slip back out (but he can return to hear the clue again).

[2.6.8] Throne Chamber

 The Main Hall is still empty, so Jen should head NORTH, turning WEST
 at the north end to enter the Throne Chamber. He should find the skeksis
 Scepter just lying around for the grabbing. TAKE SCEPTER, and then
 LOOK SCEPTER to notice that there is a Hook on it.

[2.6.9] Tower

 From the Throne Chamber, Jen should go EAST until he enters the base of a
 tower. If he has overheard the information from the skeksis at the Dining
 Hall, he will find a switch somewhere along the wall. If he has the Scepter,
 he can USE HOOK to pull it, revealing a secret door. Go EAST through it.

[2.6.A] Crystal Chamber - Balcony

 Now is a good time to save.

 Jen finds himself at the foot of some stairs leading up to the center
 of the Castle. Hurry and go UP. After pouncing up the steps, Jen finally
 sees the Crystal up close for the first time. The skeksis have gathered
 there, holding Kira and Fizzgig captive. (Whoa, this part is definitely
 not from the film.) The bad guys get pissed when they spot him, and the
 Garthim are coming, so Jen should JUMP CRYSTAL and land on the damn gem.

[2.6.B] Crystal Chamber - Dark Crystal

 Jen escapes the Garthim, but the force from the landing knocks the Shard
 out of his hands, and now he has nowhere else to go. Luckily for him,
 Kira dashes over and scoops up the Shard. At the same time, skekZok,
 the Ritual Master, nears her with his big, dull knife.

 At this point, Jen will be faced with a dilemma. Should he try to rescue
 his girlfriend, risking death, or should he not, staying firm on the
 Crystal? Well, seeing how Kira is trusting him to restore the Crystal,
 he should say NO to saving her, letting her throw the Shard up to him.
 He isn't completely incompetent and manages to catch the precious item,
 but doing so allows skekZok to "knock out" Kira. (All of a sudden, this
 game has gone Sesame Street.)

 With nothing else he can do, Jen should HEAL CRYSTAL or USE SHARD.

[2.7] Epilogue

[2.7.1] Despair, Doom, Death, and Defeat... or Not

 Jen jams the Shard into the hole on the Dark Crystal just as the Great
 Conjunction takes place. The combined light of the three aligned suns
 above shoots into the restored Crystal, which pours forth energy that
 is pure again. The skeksis and the urru (who just happen to come in
 from the back) are merged once more into the urskeks, but is all well?

[2.7.2] Jen Finally Makes His Move

 Time to make the poor bastard happy. Jen should KISS KIRA, and the urskeks
 will do their magic, completely healing her. With Kira back to full health,
 she and Jen can now live together in true peace and happiness.

[3] Strategies - Gelfling Adventure

"A blessed haze lies upon all this region, wherein is held a little
 more of the sunlight than other places hold, and a little more of the
 summer's humming music of birds and bees; so that men walk through it
 as through a faery place, and feel greater joy and wonder than they
 ever afterward remember."
        -- from Howard Phillips Lovecraft's The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

[3.0] Prologue

                                * * *
   In the depths of the Castle, nine skeksis gather around the Dark Crystal,
 receiving eerie streams of corrupt life force. The Emperor is not present,
 for today he is too weak to rise from his bed.

                                . . .

   At the bottom of the Valley of Stones, urZah, the Ritual Guardian,
 gracefully pours fine sand over inscriptions on the floor between
 the Standing Stones, performing the Ceremony of the Sun alone.
 The past few days have been solemn ones, for urSu, the oldest
 and the wisest among the urru, lies dying on his sleepframe.
                                * * *


 After Side A is loaded, the game asks if you have played it before.
 If the answer is no, it begins the Tutorial.


[3.1] Valley of Stones

[3.1.1] Jen's Lake

 Jen can keep playing his pipe, but to begin the quest, he should take a nap
 or walk to the east. Either way, urZah will appear before him. Say hello
 or go to sleep. If Jen says hello, urZah tells him that he should get
 his ass in gear and head for his Master. (Jen should say goodbye to urZah
 afterward.) If Jen rudely ignores the Ritual Guardian and keeps napping,
 urZah will give him the message in his dreams.

 Jen should visit urSu. Go west along the Valley's floor.

                                * * *
   Jen sits by his favorite spot at a nearby lake, playing his pipe.
 The gentle sounds of a small cascade accompanies his music, the only
 thing keeping his mind away from worrying about his Master's failing
 health. Suddenly, a familiar echo interrupts him. It is a song of
 the urru, summoning Jen back to the Valley. After quickly dressing
 himself, Jen hurries through the high bushes.
                                * * *

[3.1.2] Standing Stones

 Jen has fond memories of playing around this place when he was
 younger (possibly when the urru didn't mind wiener Jen messing
 up their sacred grounds as much). He should continue running west.

 Up at the cliffs, Jen should forget the nap and run straight into
 the cave, where his Master resides.

[3.1.3] urSu's Cave

 When Jen listens to urSu, the Master tells him to look at the bowl before
 both of them. Jen should stare at the bowl and its magical hologram of
 a small piece of crystal. urSu now assigns Jen the task of restoring
 the Dark Crystal with the Shard that can be found at the Great Observatory.

 If Jen stays to hear more from urSu, he will get a tip about Crystal Bats.
 If Jen goes out to get help for his poor old Master, urSu will say that it
 is too late and will tell Jen with his final breath that Aughra may be found
 at the top of a mountain.

                                * * *
   Jen sprints up the stone ledges circling above the open space where the
 Standing Stones lie. The urru pack up their work as a strong wind picks
 up, blowing sand across the Valley. Shivering, Jen huddles up, gripping
 the collar of his light tunic as he steps into the warm light of his
 Master's cave.

   The old urru's calm demeanor belies his true condition, but time is
 short, and Jen patiently listens. The boy learns that the story behind
 his past runs deeper than what he has been told, and he now carries the
 task of following the Great Sun for a day so he may recover a Crystal Shard
 from one named Aughra.

   urSu's last words are about the two meeting again someday in another life,
 but not in this one. With that, Jen's Master stops his strained breathing and
 fades away, bit by bit, his death blanket drooping down onto the sleepframe.

                                . . .

   Meanwhile, skekSo, the Emperor, weakly gasps, "Mine! Mine!," as he
 clings onto his royal scepter. However, he too ends his struggle with
 a final breath, his withered corpse slowly crumbling apart, his remains
 giving way to the weight of his heavily embroidered robes. The rest of
 the skeksis, especially skekSil, the Chamberlain, eye the scepter hungrily
 as they manage weak smiles upon one another.
                                * * *

 urSu ain't coming back, so Jen may as well quit calling out his Master's
 name and get moving again. There is no map or anything else here other than
 urSu's words to aid Jen, so he should leave the cave and go back out toward
 the east.

[3.1.4] Standing Stones Revisited

 When Jen takes a look at the ground here, he sees that the shadows point
 toward a single spot to the north. He should follow them to the old tree.

 If he looks at the base of that tree, he will detect something buried there.
 Whether he bothers to look or not, he should dig at the base to uncover a
 Gold Key. (This goes out of whack with the film, but what the hell.) Little
 kids like shiny things, so Jen will automatically pocket the Key.

 Proceed northward to start saving the world.

                                * * *
   The skeksis bring the remnants of their former ruler into a ceremonial
 chamber, where they dispose the coarse ashes and other broken pieces
 in an ornate funeral casket carried in by the slaves. They finally
 end their ancient rite by tossing strange objects into the vessel,
 burning the contents under a small cloud of smoke.

                                . . .

   The urru group around the Master's personal items bundled neatly between
 the Standing Stones. "Gather your belongings, gather them serenely," urZah
 chants as he and the others invoke their magic. Each package fades away in
 a cool, blue, sparkling light.

   Standing on top of a ridge overlooking the ritual, Jen glances backward
 one last time. Only moments ago, the Ritual Guardian had given him some
 final words of guidance and then sent him off on his journey.
                                * * *

[3.2] Forests

                                * * *
   Jen steps up over the threshold of the Valley, gazing across the vast
 plains that stretch before him into the distant horizon, as far as he
 can see. Despite the sunny weather and the clear blue skies, his heart
 feels heavy. "I'm not ready to go alone yet," he thinks to himself, but
 he knows he has no other choice. "All right, alone then." He gathers his
 spirits and walks down the slope.
                                * * *

[3.2.1] Forests

 This part isn't from the film, because the terrain immediately outside the
 Valley is supposed to be plains, not forests, but what the hell.

 First, head north to a small pond. Then, go north again to a nice dry area.
 (There are a few different ponds here, but they all look alike.)

[3.2.2] Dry Spot

 There are Storm Stones lying here. If Jen picks up the pebbles, he can feel
 them rumbling in his palms. Jen can keep some for fun, or he can run from
 the thunder (possibly screaming). Either way, Jen should leave and wander
 into the swamps.

[3.2.3] Swamp Maze

 There are many paths Jen can take here, but most of them lead back to one
 another, creating a confusing maze. Our hapless hero can quickly get out
 if he chases the bird first, follows the croaking sound or the wind that
 sings a song next, and then heads for the tall grass last. The grass is
 always the exit, but Jen can scream for a while to relieve his stress, too.

[3.3] Plains

[3.3.1] Ridge

 Finally out of the swamps, Jen is now at where he is supposed to be in
 the film. He should climb up over the hill.


 Load Side B to continue while Jen scurries up those rocks.


 Our hero should hurry north to the mountains.

[3.3.2] Up the Mountains

 Keep heading northward. Walk past the tree. Jen should now be very close to
 Aughra's home. Just keep walking forward. If Jen shouts out of loneliness
 at one of the scenes here, a flower will respond to him.

[3.4] Mountains

                                * * *
   The skeksis whisper among themselves quietly, wondering who will
 be the new Emperor. skekSil decides that he should make his move now,
 and he proceeds to the throne to snatch the scepter. skekUnz, however,
 interferes and demands that the Chamberlain stop. A fight ensues, and
 the skeksis settle to resolve the matter through the Trial of Stone.

   The Chamberlain and the Garthim Master initiate the Trial by clashing
 their heavy scimitars beside the Haakskeekah Stone while the others
 gather around them in a circle. skekUnz starts first, striking the
 tall piece of rock squarely. The skeksis behind him cheer. When his
 turn comes, skekSil lands his blow just as well, drawing more shouting
 and encouragement. With the Chamberlain weakening the stone for him,
 skekUnz grins as he attacks it again, this time cleanly lopping off
 its head. The Garthim Master is victorious.

   The jeering audience now closes in on the Chamberlain, cornering him
 before stripping away all of his richly adorned garments. skekUnz watches
 the spectacle from behind gleefully, knowing that he is now the supreme
 ruler of the land. However, no sooner than he tells the group to send
 his defeated rival away, they hear an alarm ringing from the Great Shaft.

   The skeksis hurry to the Dark Crystal, wondering what one of their Crystal
 Bats has found. Peering into the eerie purple surface of the gem, they see
 a blue-haired youth struggling up some steep rocks. Realizing the lad is
 of the Gelfling race, the skeksis immediately grow horrified. One of them
 even comments on how disgusting the child looks. skekUnz, not forgetting the
 Prophecy, wastes no time in calling his minions, the Garthim, and ordering
 them to bring the boy to him.

   Outside in the hallway, skekSil, clad in the tattered remains of his
 robes, sees the scrambling Garthim and then smiles as an idea enters his
 ever-scheming mind.
                                * * *

[3.4.1] Crags

 Jen can look up at the suns, realizing he should hurry. There should now
 be a Crystal Bat eyeing him, but he can't do anything about it, so he should
 just walk between the vines.

                                * * *
   Jen slowly climbs rock after rock as he inches his way up the jagged
 mountain. At one point, he sneaks a glance behind him, noticing how
 a strange, glossy, black sphere with wings is hanging from a branch.
 The thing appears to be only observing him, and with so many fantastic
 creatures he has seen lately, Jen figures it is merely another harmless
 being that inhabits the world. Jen ignores it and resumes his ascent.

   He now finds himself on a roughly flat ridge. As he walks cautiously
 along it, his mind starts to wander. "Follow the greater sun for a day,"
 he remembers his Master telling him. Only then will he find the Dome of
 Aughra. Hmph, he doesn't see any observatory at all! Who is this Aughra
 anyway, he also wonders? "Maybe she murders Gelflings--"

   Suddenly, the thick, orange, bushy plants around him rattle and
 then scurry off into the all-concealing clefts. "What in the world?
 This place is weird!" Jen notices a silence that hasn't been there
 before. "I don't like this," he thinks to himself as he steps between
 some dried vines, only to be caught and dragged up by them!

   Strain and fight as much as he can, Jen is no match against the steely
 strength of the seemingly dead plants. Then, an arm reaches up from below
 him, holding an eye! Jen twists a bit to get a better look at the owner
 of the eye as he hears a strange tongue being spoken.
                                * * *

[3.4.2] Vines

 Jen should stay still, and when the mysterious person asks him what he
 wants, he should just answer the question directly. It turns out he has
 found Aughra, or more rather, she has found him. When Jen is let down,
 he should follow Aughra.

[3.4.3] Great Observatory

                                * * *
   After a while, the speech becomes comprehensible to Jen when the strange
 hag changes to a language with which he is familiar. She examines him,
 commenting on how he looks, sounds, and smells like a Gelfling, even though
 his race is supposedly extinct. Eventually, she introduces herself as the
 Keeper of Secrets, and knowing Jen has been sent by the urru, she sets him
 free. The iron-like grip of the vines becomes lazy again, sending Jen down
 to a rough landing.

   Jen picks himself up after Aughra, following her into a dark tunnel.
 With the vines over the entrance hanging back down and concealing it,
 Jen finds himself almost blind inside the narrow cave. "Ouch!," he
 mutters when he bumps into an unseen rock. Cursing himself, Jen wonders
 how someone as old and bad-tempered as Aughra can move so quickly
 through the near-blackness. Then, at last, he reaches the interior
 of the Great Observatory, his awe-struck eyes filling with wonder
 as the stone door slides down and reveals all before him.

   Dwarfing Jen is a gigantic orrery, a twisting model consisting of
 countless motors, rotating rails, and floating brass spheres that represent
 the various celestial bodies orbiting one another in the heavens. Jen knows
 of the system of stars in which the world is said to belong, but he has
 never seen it depicted on such a magnificent scale before.

   Aughra almost scares Jen by jumping up to his left, asking him all these
 questions... and then answering them herself. Her myriad years of solitude
 may have left her excessively talkative, but Jen can detect more than
 mere excitement behind the fervor in her mind. She speaks of how the
 Great Conjunction is the end of the world... or its beginning.

   Jen, baffled enough by her riddles, tells Aughra that he is searching
 for a Crystal Shard. The Keeper clearly remembers it now. Long ago, the
 skeksis first attempted to foil the Prophecy by creating five fake shards
 of artificial crystal and then scattering them near where the true Shard
 fell. The Gelfling of that forgotten age had collected all the shards
 and given them to Aughra, but even she could not succeed in distinguishing
 the true piece from the rest.

   Now a Gelfling once more walks within the Observatory, this time to
 retrieve the Shard, not to leave it. Aughra pulls out the box filled with
 the crystals and dumps them in front of Jen's feet. He kneels down, staring
 at the contents scattered about, and then looks up, asking her which one
 it is. She stares at him sternly, saying, "There is much to be learned,
 and you have no time."
                                * * *

 Inside the Great Observatory, Jen is faced with the choice of picking one
 of three shards that possibly belong to the Dark Crystal. (In the film,
 there are actually six shards.) Play the pipe for a while to discover
 which shard is the real one.

 The true Crystal Shard is the blue one, so Jen should pick the Blue Shard.
 (If he chooses the other shards, he will wind up breaking them outside the
 Observatory and then return here to grab another one. Yeah, Aughra is real
 nice deep down.) Jen can't get anything else much out of Aughra, so he
 should try to leave afterward.

                                * * *
   Jen has tossed aside all but three crystals. The remaining triplets
 appear alike, but Jen is sure one of them is the Shard he seeks. Aughra
 sits by as night falls, waiting impatiently for this "Chosen One" to
 fulfill the Prophecy.

   An idea comes to Jen's mind as he remembers the magical chorus of his
 ancient caregivers. He eagerly takes out his pipe and blows a note that
 matches the tone of the urru's voice. Slowly, but surely, one of the
 crystal pieces begins to resonate, glowing a deep violet hue!

   Holding what his dear Master has instructed him to find, Jen prepares
 to leave when a black mass crashes through the dome walls! "GARTHIM!,"
 screeches Aughra, and looking behind his shoulder, Jen now sees huge,
 monstrous beasts smashing tables and throwing aside precious implements
 as though they are worthless toys. The frightful creatures grab Aughra,
 and Jen is backed up against the orrery.
                                * * *

 Do not bother fighting the Garthim or trying to rescue Aughra. Jen is
 not Conan the Cimmerian, so he must flee and jump out through the window.

                                * * *
   Jen, desperate to escape, notices the sturdy build of the orrery. Taking a
 chance, he clings onto one of its massive revolving globes. The black-shelled
 terrors, seeing their prey climbing onto the machine, run their sharp claws
 against its surfaces. The motors forced to a stop, the orrery breaks down.
 Jen immediately leaps onto a high balcony that leads to a window.

   Panicking, Jen practically stumbles, back first, onto the glass, and
 the smooth, thin pane gives way under his light build. Luckily, the walls
 outside are sloped, and Jen falls past the shattered glass and onto the
 hill, tumbling down amidst clouds of dirt and mud.

   After what seems like an eternity to him, Jen stops at the foot of the
 mountain, where he glances upward to see the Great Observatory, perched
 atop the cliff, bursting into flames. He turns and continues running.
                                * * *

[3.4.4] Mud Slide

 After Jen escapes through the window, he must keep moving. He cannot simply
 hide from the Garthim by staying stationary now, or else they will pick up
 on his trail and waste his ass.

 Only after going further down the hill should Jen head back toward Aughra's
 place to find some clues as to where the Dark Crystal is located. (Jen can
 meet the Podlings by wandering deeper into the forest, but they won't help
 him out yet.)

[3.5] Forests Revisited

                                * * *
   Jen has seen much in the previous two days. Plants he has never even
 imagined carpet the forests he currently traverses. Flowers fly. Grass
 chatters. Trees walk. Parts of the ground actually open up to swallow
 tiny reptiles. This certainly is a strange world.

   Resting from last night's encounter, Jen sits down among some soft
 and bright flora, the solid weight of the Shard in hand. Its transparent
 yet indescribably odd surfaces seem to capture his gaze as he views an
 image, perhaps a lost memory, of a vulture-like silhouette bringing a
 hammer down onto a large gem. Upon the blow landing, the Shard's side
 suddenly cracks, the impact thrusting Jen's mind back to the present.


   Jen's ears pick up instinctively. What was that? He places the
 Shard back inside his pocket and stands up, eyeing his surroundings,
 wondering if that sound has only been his imagination.
                                * * *

[3.5.1] Swamp of the Black River

 Jen will find that Aughra's home is destroyed for good, so what
 should he do next? Why not head south right into some nasty swamps?

 Doing so gets him stuck in the muck. He can try grabbing for some
 overhead vines or he can try praying, but none of that will do
 any good. Without any other options, he should call for help.

                                * * *
   Jen keeps his ears perked as he wanders between the trees. If his
 suspicions are correct, someone or something is sneaking behind the
 dense foliage. He pauses when his attention is drawn toward the ground.
 Planted into the soft mud is a footprint. It looks similar to his, but it
 cannot possibly belong to him, for he has not approached from that direction.


   Jen is distracted again as he catches something white flying past
 the corner of his eye. He pursues it cautiously, eventually finding
 a hollow log stuck out at an angle. He slowly approaches it, his
 face getting closer and closer--


   "AAAAGH!," screams Jen as something furry launches out from the log!
 The thing does not pounce onto him, but the fright knocks him backward,
 miring him waist-deep in a small puddle of muck.
                                * * *

[3.5.2] Kira

 Jen's plea is answered by a lass who happens to pop out from some bushes
 on the side facing Jen. With her is some fuzzy animal. If Jen gawks at her,
 she will also stare back. Just for fun, Jen can also get ready to fight the
 animal. Despite being bogged down in the pool, Jen will brace himself enough
 for the girl to let him know that "Fizzgig" is not dangerous.

 The obvious choice is for Jen to reach for her hand. Kira will pull him up,
 saving him from certain death. Our most curious hero can dreamfast with his
 savior to learn more about her. Otherwise he should go with Kira to continue.

                                * * *
   Jen is correct about someone spying on him, at least. A hooded figure
 steps up toward him from behind the trees. Slender fingers emerge from
 the gray robes and pull the hood back, revealing... a Gelfling?

   Her features resemble those of Jen, a small frame, the glossy hair
 (hers is silver), the pointed ears, yet at the same time she seems
 so different. The girl begins speaking in an alien tongue, and Jen,
 confused at all of this and still frightened by the furry little thing,
 sits there in the pool without saying a word.

   After a while, as with Aughra, the girl changes her language, and Jen
 can hear her introducing herself as Kira and asking him if he is also a
 Gelfling. Both are shocked to learn they are not alone. When Jen reaches
 out and grasps her hand, something strange washes over him. Thoughts and
 emotions, some of them not his, clash inside his mind. He feels Kira's
 presence closer than ever, her memories pouring into him just as his flowed
 into her. Recollections of their homes being decimated by the Garthim...
 their respective foster parents discovering and caring for them... and the
 haunting fact that there are no others like them where they have been raised.

   As this last thought passes, their hands separate, severing the link.
 However, before Jen can gather himself, the muck below him rises! Kira
 realizes he has been sitting on one of her friends, a bog creature, and
 rattles forth something incomprehensible to Jen, calming it. The children
 then leave, and Fizzgig does so too after the creature scares him off.

                                . . .

   "More food! MORE FOOD!," demands skekAquk. The dining hall of the Castle
 echoes with the sloppy noises of the Lords of the Crystal devouring their
 meals. Deformed Podlings shuffle out from the adjacent hallway, hauling
 a large plate of roast Nebrie toward the long table where their masters
 await. skekUnz, noticing the piece of meat he is chewing is rotten, throws
 it over to the starving slaves, ordering them to eat. Serving as dessert
 today are Crawlies, one of which darts across the entire length of the
 table before being caught by skekAquk at the other end.

   Dinner is interrupted when the Garthim enter, flinging to the ground a
 large bag holding a prisoner. The skeksis wait for the Gelfling to crawl
 out before them, only to find the disgruntled Keeper of Secrets emerge.
 Openly insulting the skeksis and calling them idiots, just like her Garthim
 captors, Aughra casually sits down, confidently reminding the Lords how they
 will receive what they deserve when the Prophecy is fulfilled. The skeksis
 immediately send forth another wave of their winged scouts.
                                * * *

[3.5.3] Black River

 While the kids are floating quietly down the river, Jen can play his pipe
 in tune to Kira's singing. He can also simply talk with Kira. Too bad the
 conversation gets cut short when she detects another of those creepy little
 Crystal Bats flying uncomfortably close to them.

 From here, Kira can either whack the Crystal Bat with her sling or throw Jen
 a second oar and tell him to shut up and start rowing like crazy. Which of
 these actions they take doesn't matter, because they will reach the shore
 soon. When they do, Jen should follow Kira to her home.

                                * * *
   Afternoon falls quiet as the forest slows to a soothing whisper under
 the faint, orange glow of the setting suns. The now-empty shell of a
 creature long gone carries the last of the Gelfling, gliding unhurried
 down the small river. Guiding their vessel with a makeshift oar, Kira
 passes the time by singing. Her gentle voice touching him, Jen draws
 out his pipe and joins her song with his music. Even Fizzgig is still,
 listening intently to this pleasant ballad.

   Kira suddenly silences herself, and Jen also stops playing, puzzled.
 The girl quickly points at a Crystal Bat flying across the skies near
 them. Instructing Jen to stay down, she calmly pulls out her sling and
 balances herself on the shell. The creature has not noticed them yet,
 so Kira whips her weapon around in several circles and then lets it loose.


   Kira's aim true, Jen peers up just to see something small and black
 crashing into the water. Relieved once more, the three resume their
 course along the light current.

   However, though it is crippled, the Crystal Bat is not dead. Lying
 on its side and partially buried within a shallow part of the river,
 it stares coldly and silently ahead, the image of the floating shell
 and its passengers reflecting off the glossy, pitch-black eye.
                                * * *

[3.5.4] Podling Village

 For once in two long days, Jen can finally sit back and relax. Have some
 supper, supper being river roots and gourd soup. Talk with the Podlings
 to learn the directions to the Castle. When Jen is really feeling at home,
 he should dance to the music with Kira's folks.

                                * * *
   The urru observe the heavens, knowing the time is coming. Silently
 nodding to one another, they prepare to leave the Valley of Stones.

                                . . .

   Quite some time has passed since he and his newfound friends left the shell
 to continue again on foot, but Jen is enjoying every moment of it. Still,
 night is approaching, and he hopes they will arrive at Kira's home soon.

   Out pops a head, and then several more. Jen recognizes these people, the
 Podlings, from Kira's memory during the dreamfast that morning, but the only
 word he can make out from their speech is "Kira." After a brief exchange
 between her and these kindly beings, they head to their village, where
 festivities rage on within a storm of music, good food, and jolly laughter.

   Several Podlings, thrilled to meet their new guest, accost him and push
 food and drink onto his table. Jen asks Kira how to say "thank you" in
 her language, and he repeats it awkwardly ("pha-davan") to his overly
 happy hosts. Kira observes from her seat, smiling at the sight.

   Despite the noisy merriment around them, Jen eventually manages to find
 himself alone with Kira. He explains to her how his Master has directed him
 to obtain the Shard and then died without saying anything more. Kira puzzles
 over what purpose the Shard holds, too, now that they have it.

   Tonight is not the time to worry about strange crystals, however. Jen is
 interrupted by another Podling within moments. The small, energetic figure
 almost yanks him by the arm onto the middle of the floor. Caught unexpected,
 Jen nearly stumbles as his tiny dance partner quickly leaps about in circles.

   Minutes later, Jen sits down to rest, deciding to take out his pipe. The
 slow rhythm of his notes falls in uncanny harmony with the lively stringed
 instruments and beating drums that line the walls.

   All fun must end, as Jen knows, only he has never expected it to happen
 this way. Laughter is replaced by screams of horror as black claws plow
 through the walls, tearing down the place and seizing Podlings. The gentle
 forest folk are no match against the fearsome Garthim, and they flee, saving
 whatever children they can along the way.
                                * * *

 To survive the Garthim raid, Kira and Jen should slip out through the window.

[3.5.5] Gelfling Ruins - Wall of Destiny

                                * * *
   Jen, frozen with fear, regains his senses when Kira finds him and quickly
 leads him out of the village, with Fizzgig following close behind them.
 Along the way, a Garthim catches sight of Jen. A claw immediately darts
 forward, cleaving into his right elbow. Yelping out in more shock than pain,
 Jen reflexively strikes back with the Shard.

                                . . .

   The urru, who have begun their final journey, look up into the skies
 as a ringing sound echoes over them. It is so distant, yet so familiar.

                                . . .

   Jen continues running beside Kira. The Garthim hunter has released
 its sharp grip as soon as the Shard rang against its pincers, seemingly
 disorienting it. Whatever has happened, Jen does not care now, because
 more Garthim are gaining behind him.

                                . . .

   The Garthim, tireless and relentless, chase their prey, their bodies
 whipping through the bushes effortlessly. They have the two Gelfling
 in their sights, and within moments their goal will be attained. But
 suddenly skekSil steps in front of them. They do not understand the
 Chamberlain is now an outcast, nor do they understand he is halting
 their pursuit for his own plans.

                                . . .

   Although they seem to have escaped, Jen does not stop until he trips over a
 stump hidden in the darkness of the deep forests. Kira, who has observed the
 skeksis' odd behavior but continued to run close behind Jen, helps her friend
 up but takes care to keep themselves concealed behind the thick growths.

   Jen, panting hard, forces together in his mind all that has occurred. The
 Great Observatory.... The Podling Village.... Everything seems so obvious
 to him now. Tired, scared, and angry at himself, he glares at the Shard
 hatefully and then throws it into the dark, wishing he has never seen it.

   Kira tries to stop him, and then she tells him he must not blame himself,
 for "the Garthim have always come." Also noticing he is hurt, Kira dresses
 his wound with a piece of soft moss, explaining how the plant will help
 him heal.

   The Garthim are gone now, but to stay safe, the two remain where they are
 under the cover of darkness and sleep.
                                * * *

 The kids will escape to what is left of their ancestors' home. At the ruins,
 check out the symbols. Jen should read them, and then he should read them
 some more. The pictures, especially the one of the triangle inscribed
 within a circle, provide clues for challenges that have yet to come.

                                * * *
   Jen opens his eyes to find his head resting on Kira's lap. He lies there
 for a while, reminiscing of his earlier, simpler life and missing urSu and
 the other urru's chants and ceremonies. Oh, his Master. "Out here in the
 world, look at me. I'm not a hero, not the way you wanted me to be."

   Kira wakes to see a worried Jen rising, taking off the moss. Despite
 the red stain on his sleeve, the wound underneath has closed. She suggests
 they go somewhere safer, only to hear him reply, "I don't think anywhere
 is safe anymore."

   The two, curious about the place to which they have escaped, survey
 their surroundings. Kira finds the Shard, which has landed on an old plate
 half-covered with overgrown grass, and returns it to Jen. Looking up, he asks
 her about the ruins lying before them. She only knows that no one enters them
 anymore because "bad things" have occurred there long ago. Jen, intrigued by
 the crests on the walls, decides to open the gate and enter.

   Past the portal remains what has once been a great civilization. Although
 weeds and weather have worn down their surfaces, elegant decorations continue
 to adorn the place. Kira sees an ancient chair resembling a throne in a
 corner. A weird compulsion falls over her, and she sits down on it, viewing
 the ruins again from this strange yet warmly comfortable perspective.

   Jen interrupts her stupor when he calls her toward a wall inscribed with
 mysterious shapes of a crystal, a castle, a figure with wings, and other
 various objects. Excited, Jen explains how the minute symbols above the
 pictures are writing. "What's 'writing?,'" asks Kira.

   "Words that stay. My Master taught me so," answers Jen. He proceeds to
 read the script, "When single shines the Triple Sun, what was sundered and
 undone, shall be whole, the Two made One, by Gelfling hand or else by none."
 Their eyes widen as they realize this wall depicts the Prophecy and they
 are to restore the Crystal with the very Shard in Jen's hand.
                                * * *

 Fizzgig will begin barking, and that means trouble. Get out while the
 getting is good to take a shortcut, or else the kids will encounter skekSil.
 If they do meet the sneaky Chamberlain, they should run like hell. Again,
 escape through the small window. (Kira will plead with Jen to flee if he
 tries to answer skekSil. Following the Chamberlain will lead to death.)

                                * * *
   Fizzgig suddenly starts barking, and Kira and Jen turn to see a ragged
 figure appear in front of them. Kira recognizes him as a skeksis and starts
 to flee with Jen, but the Chamberlain cuts them off and speaks with them.
 He claims he is the one who has stopped the Garthim from capturing them
 and that he wants no more killing, hoping to make peace with the Gelfling.

   Jen stands there, not knowing what he is prepared to do next. He stares
 at the beaming but twisted visage just a few steps away, and skekSil smiles
 back. Then Kira dashes in between the two, facing Jen. The apprehension
 on her face shoots straight into him, and he realizes what they must do.
 He grabs her and backs up in the blink of an eye, darting through a small
 opening in the wall, with Fizzgig following close behind them.

   The Chamberlain jumps after them, too, but the hole is not large enough
 to allow him passage. He can only thrust in his beak, attempting to persuade
 the children in vain. As the three run farther and farther away, his
 whimpering "pleases" erupt into a mad cry.
                                * * *

[3.5.6] Landstriders

 After leaving the ruins, Kira and Jen will find some Landstriders. Ride
 them. Following the Podlings' directions, head west, and then head south.

                                * * *
   The skeksis far behind them, the children end their flight. Jen, before
 he can wonder how he will reach the Castle, sees furry, long-legged beings
 lumber out from behind the dense trees several paces away.

   Kira eases Jen's fears and tells him that the white-haired quadrupeds are
 friendly Landstriders. Kira calls out to them, and the creatures settle down
 beside her, whiskers bristling, ready to take anyone to the Castle.

   When Jen sees Kira climb onto a Landstrider, he solemnly reminds her that
 there is no need for her to accompany him on his dangerous quest, but she
 merely replies by saying she knows. Jen pauses at this, but his pleading
 eyes finally lighten up with understanding.

   "All right, together then."

   Jen mounts another of the creatures. Fizzgig, after a bit of growling
 and whining, convinces Kira to let him come with them, too. Kira tells
 Jen to hold on as the Landstriders pick up speed, gracefully charging
 past the high foliage.
                                * * *

[3.6] Castle

                                * * *
   Various animals jitter inside their tight cages hanging about all over
 skekTek's laboratory. The Scientist has a task to perform today, and he
 does not hesitate to grab a terrified Podling from his prison and lock
 him into a chair positioned in front of the Great Shaft. skekTek briskly
 tells his soon-to-be victim not to worry, which is as sympathetic as the
 Scientist will ever become.

   His apparatus ready, skekTek can now proceed. Flipping a heavy lever,
 an arm outside in the Shaft swings a large mirror under the Dark Crystal.
 The purple light channeled through the corrupted Crystal reflects off the
 mirror and into the eyes of the Podling. Drop by drop, the prisoner's life
 essence is drained into a nearby vial. The Scientist watches with glee,
 explaining to the Podling how his dreams and fears are robbed for the
 benefit of the Emperor. The Podling, at least in skekTek's eye, should
 be glad to partake in such an honor.

   skekUnz finally enters, expecting his treat. skekTek brings the delicate
 glass vessel to the Garthim Master and Emperor, who greedily downs its
 clear contents. skekUnz watches his hand and feels his wrinkles magically
 smoothing themselves. He's young, he's young again, he cries, but within
 moments, the skin on his hand slackens back to its old state. The Emperor
 immediately bears down on the Scientist, cursing his "wonderful" method.
 skekTek can only beg for forgiveness, complaining how since the last of
 the captured Gelfling he has not found a finer source of life essence.
                                * * *

[3.6.1] Castle Exterior - Main Entrance

                                * * *
   Crossing the vast desert has been free of trouble with the aid of
 the Landstriders. When Kira and Jen reach the top of a hill overlooking
 the entrance to the Castle, they see the Garthim from the previous night
 hauling a large net stuffed with Podlings. Kira charges into action,
 commanding her mount to attack the monsters and to save her people.
                                * * *

 Time to meet some old pals, the not-so-friendly Garthim. Kira and Jen should
 ride into battle, or else the Garthim will swarm them and kick their asses.

                                * * *
   Jen, lost in thought for a few moments, finally realizes he should
 help and rushes into the frenzy. Although outnumbered, the Landstriders'
 powerful legs punch jagged holes in the shelled warriors' armor, releasing
 the vaporous magic within. One of the luckier Garthim, however, takes a
 clear shot at Kira's Landstrider. The force from the blow knocks her off,
 but she quickly rises to her feet and rushes over to the net. Jen sees
 this and leaps off, dashing to her side and helping her free the Podlings.

   The Garthim eventually get the better of the Landstriders. One of the
 forest creatures loses its balance and falls over into a pit, taking an
 enemy with it. The other, simply overwhelmed, has slashing Garthim piling
 onto it. The rest of the dark warriors force the children away from the
 Podlings and press them against the edge of a cliff.

   Jen, panicking, hears Kira telling him to hold onto her. He has no idea
 what she is planning, unless if it is to....
                                * * *

 With no other means of escape, the heroes must jump off the cliff.

[3.6.2] Dry Moat - Teeth of Skreesh

                                * * *
   Jen's heart stops as Kira leaps off, with him holding onto her.

   When he discovers he can breathe again, Jen looks around and notices
 they are floating down! What the...? He turns his head as best as he can
 and sees a fine pattern of skin emerging from beneath the rear folds of
 Kira's robes.

   "Wings!," gasps Jen upon landing, "I don't have wings...."

   "Of course not. You're a boy!"

   Jen gives off a perplexed look as his friend casually walks on ahead.
                                * * *

 While the two are floating down, Jen can ask Kira about her wings and
 learn something new that isn't from the film. He can also look back up
 and see the Garthim getting angry. The kids should prepare to land on
 the rocks below to continue.

 After hitting the bottom, Kira and Jen must walk around a bit to find an
 entrance. There are two doors here, the doors being carved out of rock
 in the form of frightening demonic faces. The "teeth" are made out of
 steel bars, serving as gates blocking off the maws, which are the actual
 openings into the Castle.

 There are a north door and a south door, and the trench rings around
 the Castle, connecting the doors in a circular path. Walk left or right,
 circling around to the north door (the one with the triangle-within-a-circle
 symbol). Let Fizzgig run off there, so he can help the kids open the bars.
 Follow Fizzgig into the opening. (Do not jump for joy, or else the Garthim
 will catch up.)

                                * * *
   Unseen from the top of some rocks, skekSil smiles as he watches
 the blue-haired Gelfling crawl between the Teeth of Skreesh at the
 side of the Castle's base, followed by his silver-haired companion
 and that annoying ball of fuzz.
                                * * *

[3.6.3] Labyrinth (Underground Caves)

 Inside the tunnels below the Castle, the kids should head left, and they
 will hear something moving in the shadows. Go left again to meet skekSil.
 The heroes should naturally refuse to go with him, but when they do so,
 skekSil will capture Kira and Fizzgig and leave Jen under some very hard
 rocks. Jen must wiggle free if he wants to live and to fulfill the Prophecy.

                                * * *
   Jen reminds Kira to be careful after she nearly trips on the rocky, uneven
 ground. The three have been wandering within the cold dankness for a while.
 As they approach some dimly lit halls in front, Kira freezes. "I want to go
 back. I smell death here." Jen understands her worry, but he knows he has
 no choice.

   Just a few more steps ahead, skekSil dashes out in front of them, this
 time grabbing the children while Fizzgig barks at his feet. Kira and Jen
 struggle to free themselves, but the Chamberlain's frail appearance hides
 an incredible strength. Jen, with no weapon other than the Shard, strikes
 skekSil with it, who reels his arm back in pain, screeching, "MY HAND!"

                                . . .

   Glancing at his skin breaking open and bleeding, urSol realizes their
 fate is indeed approaching. "So, my hand...."

                                . . .

   Glaring at the deep red fluid flowing out from his wrist, the seething
 Chamberlain throws hate-filled eyes upon Jen. "Gelfling, you DIE!" He
 smashes his fist into a nearby wooden column, causing other supports and
 the ceiling over Jen to collapse. Even as she is being dragged away, Kira
 frantically calls out Jen's name and instructs Fizzgig to stay to help him.

                                . . .

   skekEkt and skekAquk chat with each other as they walk down the hall, not
 expecting their former comrade to appear without notice and definitely not
 expecting him to be with a Gelfling. The two run screaming into the throne
 chamber, where the rest of the skeksis are wondering what is all the
 commotion, especially the Ornamentalist's high-pitched "GELFLING! GELFLING!"

   skekSil enters, prize held in check, and confronts them. After he explains
 how he has bled to capture the child alone, skekUnz reluctantly orders the
 Chamberlain to be restored to his former status.

   Not long afterward, Kira finds herself being placed into a chair by
 skekTek. Aughra, from her cell, silently watches with her separated eye
 as the purple beam shines into the girl's upper face.
                                * * *

[3.6.4] Garthim Pit - Lake of Fire and skekTek's Laboratory

 This part is missing in this game, so Jen automatically enters the
 Castle proper after digging himself free. That means Jen gets to avoid
 the Garthim once for free, but just for fun, here are the missing scenes:

                                * * *
   He cannot give up now, not like this. Jen finally gives a mighty push
 and heaves himself partially out from the rocks. Hoping Kira is still alive,
 he yells for her to fight back.

                                . . .

   The light is like no other. It stabs her like a blade of ice, tearing out
 her thoughts as she hears her own essence drip into the vial. Kira has almost
 given in to this vile, depleting sensation when she hears Jen unmistakably
 shouting from some distant part of the Castle. Aughra, understanding well
 all the sides of the Prophecy, speaks and tells the girl to use her "gift."
 Forcing the dark light out as best as she can, Kira caws out repeatedly,
 calling the animals held in the laboratory to stop the Scientist.

   skekTek, seeing the flow of essence slowing so soon and the creatures
 raging, cannot believe his eye. He orders the pests to stop, but to no
 avail. Finally, they break loose, flying out of their cages and jumping
 onto him with unrestrained fury. skekTek attempts to fling them away, but
 in struggling to regain his balance, he accidentally flips off the lever
 and then sails down into the Shaft. "AAAAUUUUAAAAGGGGHHHH!--"

                                . . .

   The urru turn their heads to see urTih flash away in a fiery, yellow haze.
 They resume their journey with repose, knowing that what must be done shall
 be done.

                                . . .

   Kira exhales sharply as the horrible light vanishes. She is dazed and
 slightly disoriented, but enough of her essence is left for her to remember
 the Scientist's final cry of agony, the Prophecy, and... Jen! Her little
 friends free her from the straps holding her down, and after some quick
 words with Aughra about the imminent Great Conjunction, she runs into the
 halls, looking for Jen and Fizzgig.

                                . . .

   With the rocks blocking the path where Kira has been taken, Jen wanders
 within another lower part of the Castle with Fizzgig... only to fall through
 a pit and land inside a dark cave.

   Fizzgig, unable to help Jen from above, sadly continues alone into the rest
 of the Castle, rolling into a tumbling ball and seeking out his other friend.

                                . . .

   Oh no. Jen staggers up, quickly taking in the blinding darkness enveloping
 him. Two bright dots appear, and then more pairs of dots glow on every side,
 resembling eerie red stars floating in an all-black sky. Jen has no time to
 scream as the Garthim close in on him, their cold shells clattering inside
 the void of the pit. Their home has been invaded, and they are not amused.

   Jen feels something unbelievably heavy grasp his waist and haul him up.
 Next, he feels his body sailing through the stale air, and then he feels
 the solid ground digging into his joints. Scampering up madly, Jen barely
 realizes a Garthim has just thrown him across the cave before more claws
 swing at him, snapping like gigantic murderous scissors. Without thinking,
 he ducks blow after blow, his mind exploding with fear and pain.

   One claw barely misses him, instead smashing into the rock wall,
 breaking open a small hole. Jen wants out of this place, and he wants
 it now. Bounding up to the opening, he grits his teeth as he forces
 himself through it before the Garthim can catch him again.

   Bruised, battered, and deathly exhausted, Jen now feels a wave of heat
 pounding against his face as he finds himself staring down into the molten
 bottom of the Great Shaft. Looking up again, he begins scaling the blocky
 sides of the Shaft, taking care not to slip.

   Jen eventually crawls up a large, sloped panel, stepping into a completely
 disarrayed room. The place is like nothing he has ever seen, filled with
 cages, chains, and many unspeakable devices with purposes he would rather
 not know. Time is growing short, so when Aughra points toward the direction
 Kira has gone, Jen races into the halls.
                                * * *

[3.6.5] Castle Hall

 Check out the door at the end of the hall to find Aughra. (This part is
 kinda weird, because in the film Jen goes through the lab before he reaches
 the hall.)

[3.6.6] Great Shaft - skekTek's Laboratory

 Jen can try to untie Aughra, but she will tell him he shouldn't waste time
 doing so. He should go up, toward another door.

 The door is locked, but by good fortune it can be opened with the
 Gold Key (the one Jen has picked up way back from the Valley of Stones).

[3.6.7] Crystal Chamber - Balcony

 Jen should get up to the balcony.

                                * * *
   Kira sneaks behind a pillar as she hears some skeksis walking past. There
 is a darkness under her eyes, and she is not feeling that well in truth, but
 she cannot stop now. Where is the Dark Crystal? Where are Jen and Fizzgig?

                                . . .

   Jen wanders into a hallway that opens over the large chamber above the
 Great Shaft. At last, he has reached the Dark Crystal. Failing to find any
 other way down, he clambers over the edge and drops down onto a balcony...
 and discovers Kira passing down the hall along the opposite side. He tries
 to hide behind a short wall and call to her at the same time.
                                * * *

[3.6.8] Crystal Chamber - Dark Crystal

 The skeksis get pretty pissed when they see Jen on the balcony, and
 some Garthim are coming, so his only chance of escape is to jump onto
 the Dark Crystal. (Just for fun, Jen can also try to blow a kiss to
 Kira before jumping. Doing so won't hurt.)

                                * * *
   Fizzgig bounces happily up to Kira. Before she can quiet him down, the
 skeksis gathering around the Dark Crystal notice her and start shouting.
 When they find a second Gelfling on another balcony, they become even more
 shocked. The Garthim promptly arrive on the various floors that cut into
 the chamber.

                                . . .

   Jen sees another of the Garthim approaching behind him. With no other
 path he can take, he leaps onto the Dark Crystal, but the Shard falls
 out of his sweating hand as he lands. No!

                                . . .

   skekUnz sees the little sliver of crystal and races over to it, kneeling
 to claim it, only to feel something furry biting him. Irritated, the Emperor
 drops the Shard and throws Fizzgig down the Great Shaft.

                                . . .

   "Fizzgig!" Seeing everything happen so quickly, Kira unfurls her wings
 and swoops down, grabbing the Shard before any of the skeksis can react.
 She holds it before her, waving it around in a threatening manner as the
 skeksis surround her. Like Jen, she too is trapped now.
                                * * *

 Things aren't looking good, are they? Jen should tell Kira to throw the
 Shard to him. She will bravely oblige, and by doing so she opens herself
 up to a whacking by the Ritual Master.

                                * * *
   Aughra, tossing aside useless trinkets in the traitorous Scientist's
 laboratory, hears something yelping from the Great Shaft. Looking ahead,
 she sees Fizzgig hanging onto the mirror's arm. Wondering why he is there,
 she finds and holds out a stick, allowing the creature to scurry to safety.

                                . . .

   Jen watches helplessly as Kira wards off the vicious skeksis from every
 side. Desperate, he even attempts to bargain with them, offering to give
 them the Shard if they leave her alone. Kira has another idea, though.
 She turns and throws the Shard to him, shouting, "Heal the Crystal, Jen!"

                                . . .

   skekZok has had enough at this point. Drawing out his ceremonial dagger,
 he steps up behind the girl and plunges the blade into her back. No one,
 not even the urru who have passed the sentries and entered the chamber,
 will stop the skeksis from becoming the supreme overlords of the world,
 and the Ritual Master is seeing to that.
                                * * *

 Jen should put the Shard into the Dark Crystal.

                                * * *
   Jen's world crashes to a halt as he sees Kira fall. Weakly crying out
 his name one last time, she slowly slumps to the ground as the surrounding
 skeksis sneer. No other sight, no other sound, not even his own breath or
 the Shard in his numb hand registers in his mind.

   However, the room now seems suddenly brighter than before, for the
 Great Conjunction is occurring. Jen lets out a terrible, unworldly howl
 of anguish and pain as he jams the Shard into the Dark Crystal. At the
 same moment, the light from the triple suns above shoot right onto him.
 The force blows him away from the restored Crystal as its tainted hue
 changes to a clear, pure one.

   Even as the Castle's blackened walls crumble and the urru and the skeksis
 join together, Jen's focus lies solely upon one person. Cradling Kira's
 limp form, he weeps uncontrollably as he pushes his face onto hers.
                                * * *

[3.7] Epilogue

[3.7.1] Sacrifice

 It's not over yet. Listen to the urskeks to tie up things.

                                * * *
   A new light shines now, and Jen peers up through blurry tears to find
 eight urskeks floating magnificently around the Crystal. The ethereal beings
 thank Jen for his brave deed, explaining how he has saved the world as well
 as themselves. Jen can hardly pay attention as he gently lifts Kira up in
 his arms and walks closer to them.

   The urskeks, understanding the pain within him, grant him his wish before
 departing through the light of the Crystal, remarking, "She is part of you,
 as we are part of each other."

   Jen feels the weight in his arms shifting. Looking down, his heart fills
 with unbelievable joy as he sees Kira's health fully restored, her bright
 eyes smiling back at his.

                                . . .

   Aughra and Fizzgig arrive from an upper hallway, leaning against the
 pure, crystalline whiteness of the wall as they observe the spectacle.
 The lad has done it, after all.

                                . . .

   The four now gaze upon the Crystal, its beautiful surface reflecting the
 balance and the perfection of the world around it. The barren lands outside
 are replaced by a lush green, and the waters are as blue as the happy skies
 above them.

   Kira and Jen hold each other closer as the urskeks' final words echo
 through their minds:

   "Now we leave the Crystal to you. Make your world in its light."
                                * * *

[3.7.2] Jen Scores and Gets Some

 After Kira and Jen hear the urskeks rant off, the Score can be viewed.
 The Score is equal to the number of choices the heroes have taken. The
 lower the Score, the better it is.

[4] Miscellaneous Information

[4.1] TDC Quick Reference

[4.1.1] Item Locations

 Shale         - Shale Cliff East of Jen's Lake
 Jen's Pipe    - Old Tree North of the Standing Stones
 Kira's Sling  - Old Tree in the Central Forests
 Lily Pad      - Pond in the West Forests
 Crystal Shard - Great Observatory
 Pouch         - Under the Shell by the River
 Castle Key    - Behind the Gate Bars (Triangle Door)
 Scepter       - Throne Chamber in the North Castle Halls

[4.1.2] Commands

  N,S,W,E,U,D       NO
  CLIMB [object]    OPEN [object]
  CUT [object]      PLAY FLUTE
  DIG [target]      RESTORE GAME
  DROP [object]     RIDE [thing]
  GET [object]      RUN
  GO [structure]    SAVE
  GRAB [object]     SAVE GAME
  HEAR [object]     SCRATCH [object]
  HELP              SEND [object/target]
  HOLD [object]     SIT [structure]
  INV               SPEAK [character]
  JUMP OFF          STARE [object]
  JUMP ON           TALK [character]
  KISS [character]  TURN [object]
  LISTEN [object]   USE [object]
  LOOK [object]     YES

[4.1.3] Map

Item Locations:

 |                                                                  |
 | Overworld:                  Labyrinth:                           |
 |  (08,03) - Jen's Pipe        (03,04) - Castle Key                |
 |  (10,06) - Kira's Sling                                          |
 |  (13,10) - Crystal Shard    Castle:                              |
 |  (10,02) - Shale             (02,03) - Scepter                   |
 |  (08,05) - Lily Pad                                              |
 |  (10,09) - Pouch                                                 |
 |                                                                  |


10 .......................................................|    |Augh|
09 ...............|    |    |    |    |    |    |Rive|Pit |    |Vine|
08 ..........|    |    |    |    |Land|Rock|Podl|    |    |    |.....
07 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |Ruin|    |    |....|Mud |.....
06 |    |Cast|    |...................|    |    |Tree|....|    |.....
05 |    |    |    |..............|    |Pads|    |Wall|    |    |.....
04 ...................................|    |    |    |...............
03 .........................|urSu|....|Tree|    |    |...............
02 .........................|    |    |    |Lake|Clif|...............
01 ...................................|    |    |    |...............
     01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   10   11   12   13

Labyrinth:                    Castle:

   ..........|----|..........    .........................|----|----|
04 ..........|Door|.......... 04 .........................|    |Crys|
   .....|----|----|----|----|    .....|----|----|----|----|----|----|
03 .....|    |    |    |    | 03 .....|Thro|    |    |    |    |.....
   |----|----|----|----|----|    |----|----|----|----|----|----|.....
02 |    |    |    |    |..... 02 |Pit |Shaf|    |....................
   |----|----|----|----|.....    |----|----|----|----|...............
01 |Pit |....|Door|.......... 01 .....|    |    |Dine|...............
   |----|....|----|..........    .....|----|----|----|...............
     01   02   03   04   05        01   02   03   04   05   06   07

[4.2] GA Quick Reference

[4.2.1] Item Locations

 Jen's Pipe    - Jen begins with this
 Gold Key      - Old Tree North of the Standing Stones
 Storm Stones  - Dry Spot in the Forests
 Crystal Shard - Great Observatory
 Kira's Sling  - Kira begins with this

[4.2.2] Quick Moves List

 #01 - Take a nap.
 #02 - Go back to sleep.
 #03 - Go west, along the Valley floor.
 #04 - Go west, through the Valley.
 #05 - Run into the cave.
 #06 - Look into urSu's bowl.
 #07 - Get help for urSu.
 #08 - Leave the cave.
 #09 - Go to the east.
 #10 - Follow the shadows north.
 #11 - Dig under the tree.
 #12 - Head north.
 #13 - Head north.
 #14 - Wade north past the creature.
 #15 - Run from the thunder.
 #16 - Go toward the cry of the bird.
 #17 - Go toward the croaking sound.
 #18 - Go towards the tall grass.
 #19 - Climb over the hill.
 #20 - Hurry north, toward the mountains.
 #21 - Hurry north.
 #22 - Walk past the tree.
 #23 - Keep walking forward.
 #24 - Jump down from the tree.
 #25 - Walk between the vines.
 #26 - Stay very still.
 #27 - Answer the question.
 #28 - Follow Aughra.
 #29 - Choose a crystal shard.
 #30 - Take the Blue Shard.
 #31 - Leave Aughra's dome.
 #32 - Jump out the window.
 #33 - Head down the hill.
 #34 - Go back to Aughra's hill.
 #35 - Go south into the swamp.
 #36 - Call for help.
 #37 - Reach for the girl's hand.
 #38 - Go with Kira.
 #39 - Look at the sky.
 #40 - Head for shore and row like crazy.
 #41 - Follow Kira.
 #42 - Dance to the music.
 #43 - Slip out the window.
 #44 - Read some more.
 #45 - Get out while the getting is good.
 #46 - Climb on the animals.
 #47 - Hold tight and go west.
 #48 - Go south.
 #49 - Ride the Landstriders into battle.
 #50 - Jump off the cliff.
 #51 - Prepare to land in the rocks.
 #52 - Walk around the wall to the left.
 #53 - Fizzgig wants to run away. Let him.
 #54 - Follow Fizzgig into the opening.
 #55 - Go toward the left of the screen.
 #56 - Go toward the left of the screen.
 #57 - Refuse to go with the skeksis.
 #58 - Try to wiggle free.
 #59 - Use the door at the end of the hall.
 #60 - Go up the stairs to the right.
 #61 - Take the Gold Key and open the door.
 #62 - Jump to the top of the Dark Crystal.
 #63 - Shout: 'Kira, throw me the Shard.'
 #64 - Put the Shard into the Dark Crystal.
 #65 - Listen to the new creatures.
 #66 - Hear the rest of the urskeks' words.
 #67 - See your Score for the game.

[4.3] urru-skeksis Parallels

  urru                      skeksis
  urSu   (Master)           skekSo   (Emperor)
  urZah  (Ritual Guardian)  skekZok  (Ritual Master)
  urSol  (Chanter)          skekSil  (Chamberlain)
  urIm   (Healer)           skekUnz  (Garthim Master)
  urTih  (Alchemist)        skekTek  (Scientist)
  urYod  (Numerologist)     skekShod (Treasurer)
  urAmaj (Cook)             skekAquk (Gourmand)
  urNol  (Hunter)           skekNa   (Slave Master)
  urAc   (Scribe)           skekOk   (Scroll Keeper)
  urUtt  (Weaver)           skekEkt  (Ornamentalist)

[5] Reference

[5.1] Game Source Information

[5.1.1] TDC Version

Name: Sierra On-Line Hi-Res Adventure #6: The Dark Crystal (TDC)
Name: Gelfling Adventure (GA)

Developer: Henson Associates and Sierra On-Line (TDC)
Developer: Henson Associates, Al Lowe Associates, and Sierra On-Line (GA)
Producer: Sierra On-Line

Genre: text adventure
Players: 1

Save: Disk (227 KB) (TDC)
Save: none (GA)

Disks: 3 (TDC)
 Disk 1 - Side A: 140 KB
 Disk 1 - Side B: 227 KB
 Disk 2 - Side A: 227 KB
 Disk 2 - Side B: 227 KB
 Disk 3 - Side A: 227 KB (Save Disk)

Disks: 1 (GA)
 Disk 1, Side A: 140 KB
 Disk 1, Side B: 140 KB

Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Release Date: 1982 (TDC)
Release Date: 1984 (GA)

[5.2] Additional Reference

[5.2.1] The Dark Crystal (Film)

 The Dark Crystal Copyright 1982 The Jim Henson Company

Name: Dark Crystal, The
Directors: Jim Henson and Frank Oz
Producers: Jim Henson and Gary Kurtz
Screenplay Writer: David Odell
Story Writer: Jim Henson
Conceptual Designer: Brian Froud
Music Composer: Trevor Jones
Release Date: 1982-12-17
Running Time: 94 minutes

[5.2.2] The Crystal (Booklet)

Name: Crystal, The
Writer: Jim Henson
Designer: Brian Froud
Date: 1978

 The Crystal (a.k.a. the "Froud Project") is the early version
 of The Dark Crystal. Here are some differences found within it:

 - Kira was originally named Dee.

 - The urru were originally named the oo-ur.

 - The Gelfling were originally named the Gelflin.

 - The Podlings were originally named the earth people.

 - The Garthim were originally named the Garthem.

 - The skeksis had enslaved members of a burrowing race who were forced
 to dig for precious metals and minerals in the Labyrinth.

[5.2.3] The World of the Dark Crystal (Book)

 The World of the Dark Crystal Copyright 1982 2003 The Jim Henson Company

Name: World of the Dark Crystal, The
Illustrator: Brian Froud
Author: J. J. Llewellyn
Designer: Rupert Brown
Editor: Rupert Brown
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Original Edition)
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. (Collector's Edition)
Date: 1982 (Original Edition)
Date: 2003 (Collector's Edition)

 The Collector's Edition includes a new foreword by Froud, fifteen
 additional illustrations (which have not been published earlier),
 and a facsimile of the promotional booklet for The Crystal.

[5.3] Really Small Details With Which Garthim Wipe Their Asses

Confusing Critters
 The World of the Dark Crystal lists the names of the following animals:
 golarch, hsilin, yoket khria, vereina, gilyak, cherfas (the deceiver),
 pbyx, storax, garodemana, khaipokhiu, and iosis. Ever figure out which
 names refer to exactly which animals?

Evil Life
 If the skeksis prolong their life with the powers of the Dark Crystal,
 and if the urru's life forces are linked to theirs, then doesn't that
 mean the urru are indirectly feeding off from the skeksis' corrupt energy?
 So what exactly does urIm's medicines do? Prevent the urru from turning
 homicidal? What also happens if one of the urru or skeksis doesn't eat?
 Does his counterpart starve to death with him, or will both of them continue
 to live as long as one of them feeds?

Lost Life
 What happens to the life essence that has been sucked out of Kira? After
 the urskeks heal her, does the stuff magically beam back into her? If not,
 Aughra can probably pump it back into her with one of skekTek's nasty tools.
 Maybe Kira can also simply drink it. That should be far less painful.

Inconsistent Jens
 Jen's physical appearance has changed a lot. In the game, he appears
 a lot buffer in some scenes. The Sierra guys have also messed up his
 clothing. Sure, the Gelfling crest is still on his collar, but there
 are other important details that are wrong. His short cloak is missing,
 and he isn't supposed to wear boots.

The Chamberlain on Speed
 skekSil must be pretty fast if he can travel across the deserts and
 the forests to catch up with Kira and Jen so many times. Considering
 how the kids have boats and Landstriders, the Chamberlain must have
 a rocket booster stuffed up his ass to keep up with them.

Real Adventurers Don't Need Water
 Except during the festival scene at the Podlings' village, we never see
 Kira and Jen near any food or drink. Come to think of it, we never see
 Jen drink anything at all during his three-day journey. Considering how
 he has been walking across vast plains and scaling steep mountains under
 multiple suns, Jen is one tough sucker if he can avoid turning into a
 shrivelled corpse.

Super Slide
 How high is that Great Observatory? We see Jen spending what seem to be
 hours to climb the mountain, but we see him take seconds to fall back down
 during his escape from the Garthim. Take a close look. Jen breaks through
 the window, tumbles down the slope for a few moments, and then gets up and
 sees the dome about a kilometer away. Yeah, that makes sense.

Death Drop
 When skekTek flies off into the Great Shaft, what about those cute little
 forest critters clinging onto him? We don't see them jumping or climbing back
 to safety. (Aughra is alone in the laboratory.) Mmmm, assorted fried meat.

True Prophecy
 In TDC, if Jen tries to talk with animals, he will get a message saying,
 "This is 'The Dark Crystal' ... not 'Dr. Doolittle.'" The funny thing is
 The Jim Henson Company eventually winding up to help create the special
 animal effects in a remake of the movie about that doctor. Scary.

Krezzy Comparisons - Jen Is Actually Luke Skywalker
 The similarities between these two heroes can be disturbing:
 - Both are "orphans."
 - Both have been raised on a planet with multiple suns.
 - Both are destined to save the world from a corrupt empire.
 - Both have their origins initially hidden from them.
 - Both make friends with people who have furry companions.
 - Both travel through weird forests or jungles.
 - Both meet wise elders who speak bad English.
 - Both avoid falling to their deaths inside a large shaft.
 - Both have a mentor who dies by fading away while resting on a bed.
 - Both are willing to surrender to the bad guys to rescue their friends.
 - Both injure the hand of a hated enemy.

Krezzy Contrasts - Jen Is Nothing Like Luke Skywalker
 Fortunately, these guys are different enough so we won't get any lawsuits:
 - Jen plays music by the lake. Nekkid.
 - Jen does not get his ass kicked at a bar. He gets it kicked inside a cave.
 - Jen does not dress up like a Garthim to rescue a princess.
 - Jen does not pilot a Landstrider down the Death Star trench.
 - Jen wields a crappy broken Shard instead of a bitchin' lightsaber.
 - Jen can walk away unscathed after being smashed by multiple heavy objects.
 - Jen does not get his arm hacked off by a Garthim.
 - Jen does not hear skekUnz say, "LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER."
 - Jen does not let Kira strangle skekAquk to death in a sexy slave outfit.
 - Jen has an underage girlfriend who also doesn't have funny-looking hair.
 - Jen does not kiss his sister. Twice.

[5.4] Document Credits

Henson Associates and The Jim Henson Company (www.henson.com)
 For creating The Dark Crystal.

Sierra On-Line (www.sierra.com)
 For creating both The Dark Crystal game and Gelfling Adventure.
 As for Gelfling Adventure, the people at Al Lowe Associates have
 done the programming, and Rae Lynn Macchesney and Michael Macchesney
 have done the text and the "educational concepts," whatever those are.

 For playing through the game and figuring out the best tactics.
 Extra thanks to Alex Round for actually authoring this document.

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